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'Kurukshetra' Movie Review: A treat for fans of mythological film fans with brilliant performance of Darshan.

Modified On: 09 August 2019 | Reviewed By:

Naganna's film is an epic and successfully delivers a film based on Duryodhana and Kurukshetra from his point of view.

Muniratna Kurukshetra

Director: Naganna | Music Director: V. Harikrishna

Muniratna Kurukshetra Movie Poster

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Cast: Darshan, Ambarish, V. Ravichandran, Arjun Sarja

Directed By: Naganna

It's been a long time in Indian Cinema that a mythological film hit on the screen and become a success. It might be due to its daily soap style of look or highly dramatic dialogues delivered by the actors. 

Kannada Cinema which has given some epic mythological movies starring legendary Dr. Rajkumar has not given a mythological film in recent time.

Kurukshetra might break the long waiting for good mythological film.

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This adaptation of the Mahabharata is mainly told through the eyes of the Kaurava prince Duryodhana. The flawed hero is the protagonist of this film, where one gets to see how a brilliant warrior turns a victim of circumstances and people. Mahabharata is more praised not only for its epicness but also for its characters and each character has their own good and bad, due to this Duryodhana character is fascinating.

This film gives one insight on how Duryodhana, who could have been one of the greatest warriors and rulers, ends up being manipulated, and eventually meets an untimely end. 

While the film mainly deals with the rise and fall of Duryodhana, it also highlights Karna's loyalty, friendship and giving nature, as he is another character who ends up getting the raw deal. There's an entire episode of young Abhimanyu trying to conquer the Chakravyuha and also Draupadi's shaming and her vow to avenge the embarrassments thereafter.

The film has been made on a big scale but the CGI scenes, especially in 3D, looks bit artificial. but the biggest success of this film is its ensemble star cast.

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 Darshan is the only actor currently who can play a mythological character with ease. He has lived the character Duroyadhana with immense intensity and subtlety.

Arjun Sarja as Karna is the other highlight of the film. The scenes between Karna and Duryodhana are the highlight of the film.

For fans of the late Ambareesh, there's also an extended episode of him as Bheeshma. It will make you miss the veteran who was literally a rebel star.

Sneha impresses as Draupadi. P Ravi Shankar as Shakuni is a scene-stealer. V Ravichandran's Krishna act deserves a mention too. 

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Munirathna Kurukshetra is not a definitive adaptation of the Mahabharata, but it does manage to pique one's interest to revisit the epic and know more about the characters. 

The film would have been sliced some scenes look extended but the performances and epicness keep you engaging.

Hence, Kurukshetra is a treat for Darshan fans, this might be one of his career's best. The film will revive the epic film which was once the highlight of Kannada cinema.

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