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Krishna and his Leela Movie Review: Fresh take on complicated releationship.

Modified On: 26 June 2020 | Reviewed By:

Writer-director Ravikanth Perepu whose previous venture Kshanam was highly successful. The film is released on Netflix..

Krishna And His Leela

Director: Ravikanth Perepu | Music Director: Sricharan Pakala

Krishna And His Leela Movie Poster

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Cast: Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Shalini Vadnikatti and Seerat Kapoor

Directed By: Ravikanth Perepu

Writer-director Ravikanth Perepu is back with his second film Krishna and His Leela which was quietly released on Netflix India on Thursday. 

The film opens in what appears to be Ladakh and we meet Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda), who introduces us to the different women in his life. From his college senior Satya (Shraddha Srinath) to his junior Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti), Krishna is stuck between two women and he’s clueless about how to deal with his emotions. He’s in love and confused at the same time with both the women. The other women in his life include his independent mother (Jhansi), who has separated from her husband and his sister (Samyuktha Hornad), who is dating a Punjabi guy. Krishna and His Leela beautifully explore the foundation on which modern romance is built, and it’s on the money when it comes to dealing with subjects like sex and a broken marriage.

The film is powered by overall good performances. Siddhu and the leading ladies are good in their respective parts and own their characters with ease. Jhansi, a highly underrated actor, pleasantly surprises in the role of Krishna’s mother. The cinematography and music deserve special mention as they not only aid in the storytelling but play a crucial part in building the mood of the film.

Director Ravikanth Perepu’s film is like fresh air after a nice rain. It’s breezy and puts things in perspective. A deep look at the film, one could find ourselves in the shoes of Krishna or Sathya or Radha. We’ve all been there, torn between two people. Confused about what or who is good for us. Skeptical about our future.

Krishna and his Leela are as realistic as it gets. Nowhere in the film has the director tried to make issues glossier. Be it infidelity or the broken father-son relationship, the film teaches us that a dialogue will resolve the biggest of the problems. 

The climax, however, looked quite convenient, especially in the portions where Krishna ponders over his life in Ladakh. We’ve seen too many heroes realizing his mistakes on a journey to the mountains. But we can let that pass.

Sidhu Jonnalagedda as the confused Krishna is a perfect fit for the role. You get angry at him, feel sorry for him and laugh with him. It will be a huge disgrace to just say that Shraddha Srinath and Shalini Vadnikatti looked beautiful in the film. The two women hold the film with their realistic portrayal of Sathya and Radha.

On the whole, Krishna and his Leela is a film that showcases the life of youngsters and their stability when it comes to relationships.

Yoou can watch this on netflix.

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