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Kesari Movie Review: 21 vs 10000, when odds are so stacked, film has to go through a tough test of believeability unless you are already Convinced!

Modified On: 21 March 2019 | Reviewed By:

Kesari is a treat to all Akshay Kumar's Patriotic Cinematic Universe Fans. The movie takes you through an emotional ride and makes you sympathize with all soldiers. The movie is definitely worth a watch but if you are comparing it to '300' then you would be disappointed, not in terms of budget or VFX but screenplay and direction.


Director: Anurag Singh | Music Director:

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Kesari is the story of 36 sikh regiment's bravery in battle of saragarhi, they were 21 stacked against 10000, how they fought this battle forms the plot.


Kesari celebrates endeavour! As they say Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying. Kesari embraces this philosophy, the real story itself is so unique. The battle has frequently been compared to the Battle of Thermopylae, where a small Greek force faced a large Persian army under Xerxes I in 480 BC. In both cases, a small defending force faced overwhelming odds, fighting to the last man and inflicting an extremely disproportionate number of fatalities on the attacking force. Remember Zack Snyder's 300 ? But If you compare 'Kesari' to '300' then you would be disappointed, not the Budget and technicalities, but the screenplay.

Kesari opens up by setting up Ishar Singh's (Akshay Kumar) characters, where he disobeys his British senior to rescue a women from a Pathan Maulana, and starts a fued with them. The first half tells the story before the war in which we get introduced to all 21 Soldiers and insults of Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) by his seniors. Everything feels a bit rushed as they have to begin the war in second.

The second half is where the wars begins and it's a complete emotional ride, where you sympathize throughout. In '300', you didn't just sympathize but were also amazed by the strategies they used, that made us believe it could be possible. In Kesari, except few witty moves the whole war sequence felt very straight forward. But indeed if you are already convinced by Patriotism and Nationalism then the war scenes won't feel that simple.

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Akshay Kumar totally ran the show. He was truly apt for the part. You cannot cease to get carried away, by his expressions, into the scene. Parineeti Chopra's is a mere cameo, as she gets a 'special thanks' end credit. Her scenes also adds to the lag in screenplay. Other characters also get good screen presence as and when required.

The cinematography work is good and background music work is apt. There are minor glitch in visuals in war sequences but are ignorable.

Quick fact, Details of the Battle of Saragarhi are considered fairly accurate, because Gurmukh Singh signalled events to Fort Lockhart by heliograph as they occurred.

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