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Kedarnath Movie Review

Modified On: 07 December 2018 | Reviewed By:

Kedarnath Movie Review: Kedarnath starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan is directed by Abhishek Kapoor. This latest directorial of Abhishek Kapoor takes the users on a visual tour of Kedarnath with picturesque locations and amazing backdrop.


Director: Abhishek Kapoor | Music Director: Amit Trivedi

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Most films set in the backdrop of a real-life incident seems to be "in-thing" right now in Bollywood. Hollywood has been doing films like these for many years, some have succeeded and some did not. This latest offering Kedarnath from Abhishek Kapoor explores the humane side of two individuals in a devastating crisis.

Mukku aka Mandakini (Sara Ali Khan) is the feisty daughter of an orthodox Brahmin priest (Nitish Bhardwaj) based in Kedarnath, Uttarakhand who starts having a friendship with Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) a Muslim peethoo (Human Porter) who helps the pilgrims by offering a lift to the temple by carrying them on his hunchback. A romance strikes between both of them and unfortunately just like every other film, the angry daddy of the heroine comes up and beats the shit out of the hero all the time. Because of this Mukku is married off to someone whom her father chooses.

The religious barriers are pulled down when the infamous Uttarakhand cloudburst which took place in 2013 occurs and the whole valley is on the verge of devastation. The famous pilgrimage town which happened to be the most visited by millions of Indians gets submerged with the livelihood of the locals getting hit and many getting killed. It will be upto Mukku and Mansoor to let go off their problems and try to save themselves from this catastrophe.

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The writer Kanika Dhillon who was appreciated for her writing in Manmarziyaan has come up with a unique story and she has managed to infuse issues like interfaith relationships, regressive mindsets and the life of peethoos in Kedarnath. The writing of hers has used the storyline of the 70s Bollywood flicks and blended with Hollywood's disaster flicks which seems perfect.  

The director Abhishek Kapoor of Rock On!! and Kai Po Che fame has made sure that the acting of the cast members seems natural throughout the film. The sequence when Mansoor gets beaten up and Mukku is forced to not act to it seemed real than melodramatic. The pain which most of the pilgrims undergo during the floods looks very genuine and you feel that it literally happened.

Sara acts in the film like a pro and she has impressed everyone with her presence in the flick. Even though this is her first flick as an actress, she has a long way to go. Sushant acts perfectly as the human porter and the role is best suited for him based on his rugged and rustic looks.

The cinematography of the film is just breathtaking, if you are planning to watch this film this weekend, you will be ready to witness a cinematic experience with the stunning locations of the pilgrimage town. Each iconic landmark of the town is covered ranging from the valley to Shiva statue and the temple.

Amit Trivedi's music is like music to my ears which can be listened anywhere in any point of mood. The composer has used his usual tactics to make it very appealing to his fans.

The only flaw in this flick was the VFX which seemed quite unrealistic and wasted. A little more hard work in the visual effects would have made this film much better.

Despite this flaw, the film seems to be quite appealing and you might not expect anything new from it. Sara is the only saving grace in this flick and Sushant also carries himself well.

There was a premiere conducted by the makers which was attended by various celebrities namely Suzzane Khan, Arjun Rampal, Raj Kundra and Preity Zinta.

Here is what they had to say about the film: Celebs Appreciate And Applaud Kedarnath

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