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Kavaludaari Movie Review: A neo-noir thriller which drags in some part but doesn’t deviate from the plot.

Modified On: 03 May 2019 | Reviewed By:

Its seldom we see a neo-noir thriller in Sandalwood. Hemanth Rao has written a well-etched script and the characters do justification to the role.

Kavalu Daari

Director: Hemanth Rao | Music Director: Charan Raj

Kavalu Daari Movie Poster

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The brilliant animated opening sequence of the film hooks you to watch this thriller.

The story starts with a murder at the premise of the archaeological department in Bengaluru in the 1970s.

It connects with the present day and how the protagonist of the film solves the case is the rest of the story.

Hemanth Rao has used lots of neo-noir techniques to make the film gripping.

One remarkable sequence is when the protagonist reads the old case file and it’s shown visually in a unique manner.

And the Rashomon effect is used in a different way with a flashback as if the witnesses of 1970s are interacting to the protagonist at the present day.

Some characters in the film are implanted to give a red herring effect but fall flat such as Suman Ranganathan’s character. Her role as a femme fatale, usual female character showed glamorously in neo-noir films was unnecessary.

Some twist and turns in the film are predictable which somewhat reduces the thrill in the film.

Rishi as traffic cop has done a commendable job and Anant Nag is as usual in his top form all the other characters have also done a good job.

The film is also a tribute to police officers it is shown through a scene where Anant Nag explains why the cops uniform are khaki in color.

Overall, the film has got its thrill in the right track but drags a bit. But, Hemanth writing should get an honorable mention.

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