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Kasargold Movie Review: A film with engaging story and strong performancesbut but loses shine mid-way

Modified On: 13 October 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: After Alby’s car gets into an accident, the smuggled gold stored inside the vehicle goes missing, setting off a hunt across multiple states. All fingers point towards Faisal, who was with his friends in the other car.


Director: Mridul Nair | Music Director: Niranj Suresh,Dawn Vincent

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Review: "Kasargold" is a film with an engaging premise and some strong elements, but it appears to fall short in some areas, leading to a sense of missed opportunities. The story revolves around gold smuggling and features a thrilling first hour that sets the stage for a series of events.

Asif Ali, who plays the role of Alfie, brings the required style and character depth to the film. His performance showcases his acting prowess, especially in conveying the right mix of hotheadedness and arrogance for his character. Sunny Wayne, portraying Faisal, brings a sense of vulnerability to his role, adding depth to the character dynamics.

The narrative involves a valuable amount of gold, which goes missing and leads to a chain of events involving various characters and locations, including Mangalore and Goa. The story also delves into the world of desperate smugglers, greedy politicians, and their goons. While the film has intriguing characterisations and some strong moments that shed light on the dark underbelly of politics and law enforcement, it apparently suffers from plot holes and an imperfect script.

Overall, "Kasargold" seems to have the potential to be a standout film but falls short of being a flawless cinematic experience. The engaging story and strong performances by the cast are highlights, but the film's shortcomings, including unexplained issues and plot holes, keep it from achieving its full potential.

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