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Kanchana 3 Review: Same story, same stale comedy, same jump scares with different kind of cringe.

Last Modified On: 22 April 2019 | Reviewed By:

The film is so loud that at some scene you feel that your eardrums are going numb.

Kanchana 3

Director: Raghava Lawrence | Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Oviya, Vedhika, Nikki Tamboli

Kanchana 3 Movie Poster

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Kanchana 3 is the new segment of the Kanchana series directed by Raghavan Lawrence but with the old stale story, crass comedy and jump which he used in the previous segment.

The film is over the top, extremely loud and with done & dusted plot.

The protagonist Raghava is a coward who tries different ways to escape from things which scared him.

Horrifying things occur when he goes to his village to celebrate his grandparents 60th marriage anniversary.

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The ghost possessing the hero and how it takes revenge from the antagonist is the plot which is overused in all the Kanchana series.

Here the ghost is Raghav itself with a different name and looks Kaali, who is killed with his girlfriend brutally by the antagonist.

The film has many sequences which are so bad that it is good.

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The laugh occurs not because the scene is funny but due to its utters stupidity.

The cringiest and the most offensive part in the film is the elder characters including parents and grandparents calling the female characters 'figure'.

South Indian films are notorious for their treatment of female characters, using them as an object. Kanchana 3 is one of the latest examples.

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All three actresses and one more character who is a foreigner is used just for glamour and to bounce on the hero.

Kovai Sarla has hammed to the core that you will get annoyed at a certain point of time.

Overall, this film is just over the top mass entertainer which doesn't entertain at all. 

The scariest part of this horror comedy is the announcement in the end that it will come with next installment i.e Kanchana 4.

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