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'Kadaram Kondan' Movie Review: Chiyaan Vikram's film is watchable for it's high octane action sequences laced with Ghibran's gripping background score

Modified On: 19 July 2019 | Reviewed By:

It's a fast-paced thriller but the film gears up only in the second half.

Kadaram Kondan

Director: Rajesh M Selva | Music Director: Ghibran

Kadaram Kondan Movie Poster

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Cast: Vikram, Abi Hassan, and Akshara Hassan.

Directed By: Rajesh M. Selva

It's been a long time that Tamil Cinema has not featured any high-end action thriller because of the industries obsession with horror genre films. Kandaram Kondan fills that void with its high octane action sequences and gripping background score.

The story revolves around the kidnapping of a pregnant woman (Akshara Hassan), wife of a young doctor (Abi Hassan). And the kidnapper wants him to help them to free a patient and what consequences the doctor faces is the crux of the film.

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The film is an official remake of the french film Point Blank (2010) but KK looks quite similar to his previous film Thoongavanam (which itself was a remake of another French hit Sleepless Night), both worlds look similar. As in that film, we get a kidnapping and blackmail, twists that involve dirty cops and cover-ups. This does give us a bit of deja vu. 

The story here revolves around Vasu (Abi Hasan), a trainee doctor, who saves the life of KK, who was involved in an accident and has been admitted in his hospital. But this leads to his wife, Aatirah (Akshara Haasan) getting kidnapped. 

To save her, he has to help KK, who is now wanted by the cops, escape from the hospital. But soon, he realizes that his only way to save Aatirah and himself is by teaming up with KK, who is most wanted among both cops and criminals. What makes this film somewhat different from the French version is that it puts the focus on KK rather than have Vasu as the protagonist.

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Chiyaan's fan will have a gala time because this film brings back his mass avatar with Ghibran's thrilling background score, its a Billa moment for Vikram. He is the impeccably styled and he simply steals the show with his powerful screen presence and baritone voice. More than performance, the film is all about his majestic walk, style, and swag, needless to say, he pulls it off with great ease and flamboyance. 

Abi and Akshara hs also done a commendable job but the issue these characters don't have a character arc even Vikram's character is contradictory but you will indulge in the without questioning it you will not be disappointed.

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