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'Kabir Singh' Movie Review: If you leave the comparison and just travel with the journey of the protagonist you will not feel disappointed.

Modified On: 21 June 2019 | Reviewed By:

This an official remake of the Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy and if you have seen the original then you will feel little disappointed because both versions are directed by Sandeep Vanga.

Kabir Singh

Director: Sandeep Reddy Vanga | Music Director:

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Kabir Singh is about a self-destructive and vulnerable heartbroken lover who tries to sabotage himself and leads a miserable life leading him to be an alcoholic and substance abuser.

The director has taken a limited risk by making the entire film resembling the original but the film due to its uniqueness in the screenplay will cater the likes of a Bollywood moviegoer.

The problem with the film is the same as the original. The representation of the male destructive lover showcased in the film is laced with toxic masculinity and portraying the character as an alpha male leaves the film single dimensional.

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Lack of showing the side of the female character could have been avoided if Sandeep had re-written and developed the female lead’s character but this too he was more obsessed with the male protagonist.

There are few scenes which glorify toxic masculinity such as slapping Kiara Advani’s character unnecessarily and naming the dog Preeti(Kiara Advani) which is his ex-girlfriend name.

One more scene which I disliked in Arjun Reddy which is crosses all the limit of fat shaming. The moment when Kabir walks into Preeti’s classroom and tells her where to sit (a medical degree is a serious business, Preeti, you must be in the first row) and picks her friends for her (a plump friend is likely to be more loyal than a good-looking one) must count as one of the most sinister courtship scenes in the movies.

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Kabir never tries to understand the feeling of his girlfriend he just wanted to own her like a possession and when he doesn’t get her he goes all mad, this can be a problem.

Kabir Singh can be easily scened as the modern version of Devdas but here Paro and Chandramukhi are unfortunately at the background.

Arjun Reddy mainly worked due to its protagonist Vijay Devarakonda who took the entire film on his shoulder. Arjun’s aggression and angst were shown brilliantly by Vijay. If you not seen his performance you will cheer for Shahid Kapoor who has also done a commendable job.

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But his acting as some limitation and you can see he is trying too hard in some scenes. Kapoor’s trademark boyishness has been cruelly tempered by age (the actor is in his late 30’s) and his limited emotional range shows up in key scenes, including the moment when Kabir first sees Preeti.

Kiara Advani has good chemistry with the Shahid but her character is half baked that you fail to see her side of the story due to which we don’t emotionally connect with Preeti.

The film’s excessive length merely 3 hours can be a problem at times because during the second half the character's obsession for drugs and alcohols tires the audience patience and we wish him to get over it.

Finally, Kabir Singh will be enjoyed if you see the protagonist without being judgemental and travel with him throughout the journey of self-destruction.

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