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Joker Movie Review: Joaquin Phoenix's performance will go down in history as the finest acting performance by any actor.

Modified On: 03 October 2019 | Reviewed By:

Joker is a dark, gritty and disturbing tale of an anarchist antagonist who is self-destructive and dangerous to the society and the film does full justice to the theme.


Director: Todd Phillips | Music Director: Hildur Guðnadóttir

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Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron

Director - Todd Phillips

Joker is a character who is one of the iconic villains of superhero comics and has been on screen for six times. Every actor's dream is to portray this character once. But only Heath ledger is the actor who has made the character legendary through his breathtaking performance.

Though not comparing with Heath's performance but Joaquin's performance might go in the history of cinema it has the finest performance of any actor in the silver screen.

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It is the 1980s. There is an ongoing class war in the city of Gotham. The privileged like Thomas Wayne make paltry statements about poverty, while the ones pushed to the periphery of society like Arthur Fleck and his ailing mother Penny remain invisible. Arthur tries to earn a living for himself as a clown but is ridiculed and beaten up. In short, he is at the hands of a system that cannot, or rather refuses to see him. And slowly, the thin mask of sanity that he struggles to hold to the world, slips throughout the film. 

A family secret hastens his descent into madness. The lines between real and hallucinations become blurred. It leads to a powerful climax, with an ending that rivals a black satirical comedy.

The Joker is a one-man show, with extended cameos by Robert De Niro and Zazie Beetz. Phoenix is hypnotic and astonishing with his performance, which definitely does merit an Oscar. His eyes haunt you. They show his struggle with his inner demons. It's not often that you find an actor who can give you gooseflesh with every movement that is considered joyful, like dancing or just laughing. Phoenix pulls some demonic dance moves down a stairway; the same stairway where he had once walked alone and miserable. 

His laughs as the Joker are anything but funny, and there is a variety of them. There's the high-pitched cackle, and there's the hoarse guffaw that hides the sobs. His laugh has no joy in it. It just shows how dead he is on the inside.

Joker is not a regular watch it might taken an another level to potray violence in a movie. The preformance and the screenplay of the film is beyond your imagination.

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This film has received quiet backlash for its violence and accused of glorifying it. But if an antagonist is the protagonist of the film then you can't show him a good boy the violence are his traits, the reason for him becoming destructive, but it is debatable that what he did or his actions are right or wrong. 

At the end of the day, Joker is a subjective film, like comedy. While some will questions its intake on mental health, there will be some like me who just want to be left baffled at the end of the day. Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. 

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