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Japan Movie Review: Karthi Brings Humor, but the Plot Falls Short in Convincing the Audience

Modified On: 10 November 2023 | Reviewed By:

Under the direction of Raju Murugan, "Japan" marks Karthi's 25th film. Described as a heist thriller, the movie also features Anu Emmanuel in a prominent role. Check out our review for more details.


Director: Raju Murugan | Music Director: G.V. Prakash Kumar

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Japan Storyline: Japan revolves around Japan Munni (played by Karthi), a well-known and self-proclaimed Robin Hood who steals from big jewelry stores to support himself and those close to him. Accused of a major jewelry theft, Japan is pursued by police from various states. But the plot takes a twist when it's discovered that someone else is the real culprit. Now, Japan sets out to find and confront the true person behind the crime.

Japan Movie Review:

"Japan," Karthi's big 25th film directed by Raja Murugan, has a bit of an odd title, but the story is pretty regular. It tries to show how the police use tricky ways to catch a thief when they are told to do so by their bosses. But, the movie doesn't do a great job of telling this serious story because it has a lot of funny scenes, and the main point gets lost.

The movie does have one bright spot - a side story about a family looking for gold in sewage sludge. It sheds light on how innocent people can suffer when wrongly accused by those in power. The actor in this part does a fantastic job, and the camera work adds to the movie's dark atmosphere. This part also shows director Raju Murugan's strength - telling stories of the less powerful, those whose voices often go unheard. 

The story mixes two things: people collecting gold from dirty water in big Indian cities and a guy who steals a lot. The director tries to connect these stories at the end to make us feel something. But, getting to this end is not easy. The second part of the movie is too long, and the whole story doesn't really keep us interested.

The parts where the police from different places are chasing the thief and the love story between Karthi and Anu Emmanuel don't really work well.

While Karthi does a decent job, the weak storyline holds back the impact of his quirky character. The supporting cast, including Vijay Milton, Sunil, and Jithan Ramesh, have significant roles, but the story doesn't let them shine. 

Anu Emmanuel plays a movie star, but her part doesn't have a good ending.

The camera work by Ravi Varman is the best thing in the movie. It makes the movie look cool. But, the story written by Director Rajumurugan isn't very effective.

To sum it up, "Japan" is not very convincing, except for Karthi's funny acting. He tries his best to keep us entertained with his funny lines in the first half of the movie.

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