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'Jaane Jaan' Movie Review: A Character-Driven Crime Drama With A Focus On Psychological Intricacies

Modified On: 24 September 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: The story is about a single mother and her daughter, who find themselves entangled in a murder. They find unexpected support as their neighbor, a simple but genius teacher while navigating the ongoing police investigation.

Jaane Jaan

Director: Sujoy Ghosh | Music Director: Sachin-Jigar

Jaane Jaan Movie Poster

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Review: A single mother, Maya D'Souza (Kareena Kapoor), finds herself amid a murder investigation when her abusive ex-husband, Ajit Mhatre (Saurabh Sachdeva) dies and she becomes the prime and sole suspect. Her neighbor, Naren (Jaideep Ahlawat), a mathematics genius, helps her as a brilliant and dogged Inspector Karan Anand (Vijay Varma) investigates the crime. Whether Maya be saved or caught and separated from her young daughter, Tara (Naisha Khanna)?

"Jaane Jaan" is an intriguing adaptation of Keigo Higashino's novel "The Devotion of Suspect X," offering a different take on the crime drama genre by focusing on the 'howdunit' aspect rather than the 'whodunit.' It's refreshing to see a film explore the process of how the culprit outsmarts the police, adding a unique twist to the genre.

The tension-building aspect of the movie, with Maya becoming a suspect due to her dark past, seems like a compelling narrative choice. It's often the psychological aspects of crime dramas that make them so engaging.

The film's exploration of themes like love, sacrifice, devotion, and obsession adds depth to the storyline, making it more than just a typical crime drama.

The performances, especially by Jaideep Ahlawat, Kareena Kapoor, and Vijay Varma, standout aspect in the film. Their ability to convey various emotions and bring depth to their characters enhances the overall viewing experience.

It's interesting to note that the film takes its time to weave its tale, creating a melancholic and contemplative atmosphere. While this might not suit those looking for an adrenaline-fueled thriller, it seems to offer a different, more thought-provoking experience.

Overall, "Jaane Jaan" appears to be a film that caters to those who appreciate a slower-paced, character-driven crime drama with a focus on psychological intricacies. It's worth considering for viewers who enjoy a more contemplative and enigmatic approach to storytelling.

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