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Ikkat Movie Review: A clean watchable humour

Modified On: 22 July 2021 | Reviewed By:

Ikkat is loaded with clean humor, which is established in the way Bengalureans live, talk, eat and engage one another. The parody comes from the couple's battle to adapt to life under lockdown.


Director: Esham, Haseen Khan | Music Director: Dossmode

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Cast: Nagabhushana, Bhoomi Shetty, Sundar

Director: Esham Khan, Haseen Khan

Amazon Prime Video's most recent Kannada film Ikkat, which debuted on July 21, opens with three individuals in a house, looking hysterically for something that is stowing away in the dividers. The couple, played by Nagabhushana and Bhoomi Shetty, and an anonymous nuisance control fellow are searching for a creepy-crawly, which is of gigantic size, the sort that is normally found in Amazon rainforests or Fantastic Beasts films.

Janvi and Vasu are a commonplace working-class couple who live in an exceptionally exhausting two-room house in a rural space of a metropolitan city. The film opens with a high-point shot of Vasu, Janvi and irritation control staff attempting to search for something in a little broken corner of the kitchen. Several starts battling which places the third individual in an awkward circumstance and he needs out. 

This sets the reason for how rough their relationship is and how they can't stand each other by any means. They proceed with their quibbling when the two of them get the shock of their lives—a cross country lockdown has been reported. Every one of their endeavours of needing out gets thwarted and the two are compelled to live with one another.

The film is set in the backdrop of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent blanket lockdown that brought the entire country to a standstill. Vasu and Janvi, who are contemplating divorce, are forced to tolerate each other for the next 21 days. However, “the spider”, hiding in the wardrobe or under the cot, complicates things. A distant relative with a serious cough also shows up at their door uninvited, adding to the already sticky situation.

The background score in Ikkat takes the cake for me, however. The astounding music in any case major circumstances makes one laugh out loud in a moment. Furthermore, the exit of each character is so carefully arranged and is just about as diverting as their entrance. As the cast and team had guaranteed in interviews, this is surely a truly relatable film and worth a watch.

The movie is available on Amazon prime Video.
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