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I Love You Movie Review: This Upendra starrer entertaining flick doesn’t disappoint you if you go with least expectation.

Last Modified On: 14 June 2019 | Reviewed By:

After a hiatus, Upendra is back in silver screen with his favorite topic ‘Love’. The film is directed by R. Chandru.

I Love You (Kannada 2018)

Director: R. Chandru | Cast: Upendra

I Love You (Kannada 2018) Movie Poster

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Cast- Upendra, Rachita Ram, and Sonu Gowda.

Director- R. Chandru

Upendra is known for his own style of philosophy about love and this movie about his journey about his love life.

The story is about Santhosh, who has grown up believing that love is nothing but lust in his college days. He meets Dharmika, who is doing a thesis on love and has a completely different take on relationships.

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Years later, when Santhosh is married to another woman and leading the successful life, he gets a chance to reconnect with Dharmika. The rest of the story is about his realization about the love which turns out to create a difficult situation which he has to deal and overcome it.

The story has some inspiration from the 1985 movie Brahma Gantu in Upendra style.

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Upendra is as usual in top energy and his style of dialogue delivery is always a delight to listen.

Rachita Ram has a powerful role and impresses. Sonu Gowda's emotions are a highlight too, as she speaks through her gestures in a role that doesn't give her many dialogues. The film is short and entertains when needed.

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This film will surely satisfy Upendra fans who were waiting for his movie release after his brief sabbatical from the movies. The movie will entertain you if you go with less expectation and will not disappoint you.

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