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French Biriyani Movie Review: This 'Biriyani' is Tasteless!

Modified On: 24 July 2020 | Reviewed By:

The plot is quite inspired by film Delhi Belly (2011). But instead of extracting the quirkiness from the premise or the characters, the film lingers with blandness and senseless humour.

French Biriyani

Director: Pannaga Bharana | Music Director: Vasuki Vaibhav

French Biriyani Movie Poster

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Cast: Danish Sait, Sal Yusuf, Disha Madan and Rangayana Raghu

Director: Pannaga Bharana 

As the name suggests French Biriyani is a cosmopolitan film. In this film we see people with different culture and language speaking coming together to make a fusion. But sadly, this Biriyani is Tasteless. 

French Biriyani is directed by Pannaga Bharana and written by Avinash Balekkala. The cinematography is by Karthik Palani, music by Vasuki Vaibhav, editing by Deepu S. Kumar.

 The production design is by Shivakumar, action direction by Jolly Bastin, and costume design by Shachina Heggar. It stars Danish Sait, Sal Yusuf, Rangayana Raghu, Disha Madan, Mahantesh Hiremath, Pitobash, Sampath Kumar, Nagabhushana, and Sindhu Murthy.

The story starts with a french guy comes to Bengaluru, India, he is Simon with a suitcase. And how he’s mistaken for the carrier of the hallowed items requested by the late Don Charles. There is nothing much to tell further because it is senseless. Here you can't say that leave your brain behind while watching the film because it's not released in the theatre but OTT platform.

The film has so many scenes which is shockingly surprising that makers thought it will work in 2020. Cringe in the scenes are next level.

The only watchable thing in this film is the performances especially the protagonist Danish himself. The comic timing and dialogue delivery of Danish makes this film bearable. 

Danish Sait as Asgar, the Urdu speaking auto-rickshaw driver, is a riot. Scenes between him and Sal Yusuf (Simon..Naah..not calling him 'Samaan'), who plays the French emigrant, are easily the film’s best moments. Sait breathes so much life into the film with his flawless portrayal of a local Muslim who speaks Urdu mixed with Kannada.

The film had the potential to be a madcap. The film should have concentrated more on Simon and the difficulties he faced in a foreign country which is drastically different from where he comes. But the director was busy enough to linger around silliness.

The opening song of the film is quite quirky and sets the mode of the film but that quirkiness ends when the song ends.

Finally, French Biriyani is not the film which you want to see in this lockdown period because pandemic is enough to make your mood low. instead of the movie, I like to suggest you watch Danish Seth's funny videos on Instagram. Bevarsi kudka is calling you.

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