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Modified On: 18 February 2022 | Reviewed By:

Abhi, from a broken home, leads a sad life as he studies in a medical college. He falls in love with Bhoomika, aka Baby Boo, a social media crazy collegemate. He finds an unlikely kindred 'spirit' to help woo her.

Family Pack

Director: Arjun Kumar S | Music Director: Gurukiran

Family Pack Movie Poster

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Family Pack from PRK Productions is a direct online release. It is a comedy with a supernatural twist that brings the team of Sankashtakara Ganapathi together once again. The film has some jagged corners but eventually manages to hold its own and entertain in the end.

This film begins with one of the usual tropes of a horror film that introduces a haunted apartment. From here, the scene shifts to the house of the protagonist, Abhi, where one witnesses his broken family. One gets to meet his nagging mother and party-crazy father who get a divorce, and Abhi leads a less than mundane existence, where he is almost invisible in the eyes of the woman he loves. When he decides to give up on life after facing multiple disappointments, he finds a wandering spirit who seeks to help him out. From here begins a mad ride that also ends up being a ridiculous comedy of errors, where Abhi wants to help the ghost and vice versa.

What works for the film are the dialogues, the background score, and the quirky characters. There's ample space that allows people to have their share of laughs. What could act as a hurdle are slight meanderings in the narrative that seem unnecessary. The antics and the massy tropes in these spaces seem a little over the top in those instances. Though, the confusion filled climax eventually makes up for that and ensures a smooth landing. The cast has a mix of many seasoned veterans who ensure the jokes land well. Likith Shetty has a very well etched role and he gives his sincere best. Amrutha Iyengar charms with her role as a Instagram Reels crazy social media wannabe celeb.

Being callous when it comes to its comedy is the biggest strenth for Family Pack. Director Arjun Kumar delivers yet another funny film.

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