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Doctor G Movie Review: The film itself needs a doctor!!

Modified On: 19 October 2022 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: Dr. Uday Gupta, aspires to specialize in orthopedics, but much to his strong dislike, he lands up being the only male in the gynaecology department of a medical college in Bhopal.

Doctor G

Director: Anubhuti Kashyap | Music Director:

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Whenever there's any film with a social message Ayushman Khurana signs it, this time around it's not based in UP but MP and Uday (Ayushman) who just wrote his NEET-PG get a lower rank where he could only find a Gynaecology seat in Bhopal Institute of Medical Science. Uday Gupta is frustrated because uski Girlfriend ne ganda Kaata hai uska after UG, happens with most and he doesn't want to be a Gynaecologist. He joins college because India me itne log hai ki seat na li to koi aur le lega. He finds himself amidst his seniors who call him "Chadhava" and rag him, the movie starts with a decent tone and pace but shifts from one idea to another and doesn't connect with the audience. In fact I went with a few doctors and they too were really bored with such a topic which could have been hilarious and does away with lame jokes and dad humor. Nothing new here. Shefali says that the top Gynac in the country are men and still the film messes up the issue.

The film tries to be a Campus comedy but doesn't even tell campus stories with honesty for example Rakul's character in the film is getting engaged in the first year of PG but doesn't get engaged till the end of the film, mind you medical PG is for 3 years, Course khatam hogaya lekin engagement nahi hui. Aiyo Shradha known for relatable comedy is also wasted and underutilized. The film talks about the "Male Touch" but doesn't even touch viewers' heart nor touches G-spot considering it was named Doctor-G , makers could have played around given that the film was A rated.

Just because it's relatable it doesn't automatically become funny. The film is not preachy at all and tries to be inclusive but it's not entertaining. 

Ayushman has done what he could but doesn't add anything new, Sheeba Chaddha is refreshing and Shefali Shah brings massive entertainment from her eye movement and body language she is bloddy good but director Anubhuti Kashyap could have played around the story, it falls flat like the delivery scene where the baby is instanly delivered in the corridor. 

The film has a ending which is different that is appreciated but what is not impressive is the impractical nonsense in the extreme end and that's why the film is not entertaining because it doesnt hold it's audience. We had an over enthu guy watching the movie in front row who was very charged and a total enthu cutlet was very excited initially, made so much noise and comments and laughed his heart out was just bored in the second half. Rakul uses phrase like "vestigial organ" almost 80% of all her dialogues and feels cringy after a while.

With not even one good joke and laboured comedy and romance along with social message the film doesn't engage the audience.

It will be available on Netflix and you can wait to watch it there, movie experience won't be fun. Get some Pasta with Indian tadka and enjoy the movie.

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