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Dev Movie Review: An Unsynced Love Story

Modified On: 14 February 2019 | Reviewed By:

Dev Movie Review: A rich adventure seeker is forcefully made to fall in love with a businesswoman with a completely different mindset. Will it work out?


Director: Rajath Ravishankar | Music Director: Harris Jayaraj

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Dev (played by Karthi) is an adventure seeker with a rich background. So he doesn’t have to work for money. He just seeks adrenaline rush. Ramalingam (played by Prakash Raj) who plays the father of the protagonist is completely misused and we barely get to see him in the entire movie. 

The story has been written and directed in a way which was intended to attract people from all age groups. But it ends up attraction none. There are some adventure scenes, some romantic scenes, some action scenes and some family drama which when all put together becomes so bad you enjoy none of the ingredients.

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Meghna (played by Rakul Preet Singh) is a businesswoman who has no time for love. Are you getting it, a love story with no love interest? So she ends up being just eye candy. Karthi has to go through a different kind of adventure, to get her interest in love. This is where the films fails miserably.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is the only highlight of the movie. Songs have been well choreographed and soothing enough.

The cinematography is normal and bright, nothing extraordinary.

The supporting cast is there just for the sake of it and nothing more. The film has no screen time for veteran actor Ramya Krishnan.

Overall we wouldn’t pay 1 rupee more than a maximum of ₹120 for a ticket.

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