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Darbar Movie Review: A Rural Political Drama Which Fails To Captivate The Audience

Modified On: 12 June 2023 | Reviewed By:

Storyline: Madhu (Sathish), a straightforward and principled man from a village, becomes a target of individuals involved in illegal activities. His unwavering commitment to justice and his refusal to tolerate unlawful behavior create conflicts and tensions between him and those who wish to exploit the system for their own gain.


Director: V Manohar | Music Director: V Manohar

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Review : In "Darbar," Madhu, a wealthy individual from Virapura village, is known for his unwavering commitment to the welfare of the people. He takes it upon himself to maintain the village's reputation and promptly resolves any issues that may tarnish its image. This dedication earns him immense popularity among the villagers, who look up to him as a respected figure.

However, a group of individuals seeks to diminish Madhu's influence and control over the village. They devise a plan to manipulate him into participating in the village panchayat election. His opponent, Nagesh, holds a relatively insignificant position in the village, and the story revolves around the mudslinging, deceit, and manipulation employed by both sides to secure victory. The narrative delves into the prevalence of electoral malpractices and highlights the lengths to which people go to win, including resorting to bribery and alcohol distribution.

Directed by V Manohar, "Darbar" attempts to present a rural political drama but fails to captivate the audience. The film's treatment of the subject matter is predictable and conventional, resulting in a tedious viewing experience that stretches for almost two and a half hours. Despite exploring the intricacies of electoral malpractices, the movie lacks the excitement and engagement necessary to hold viewers' interest.

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