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Commando 3 Movie Review: The film is nothing but to showcase Vidyut Jammwal's martial art technique.

Modified On: 29 November 2019 | Reviewed By:

Commando 3 has some tremendous slick action sequences which make the only reason to watch the film.

Commando 3

Director: Aditya Datt | Music Director: Mannan Shaah

Commando 3 Movie Poster

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Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Gulshan Devaiah, Angira Dhar, Rajesh Tailang

Directed By: Aditya Datt

This Vidyut Jammwal film has everything in which an action flick requires kicks, punches, back-flips, smooth landing and hand-to-hand combat scenes which look as clean and real as they can be but the only problem the film doesn't have a proper sloppy.

Vidyut Jamvwal with Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar as leading ladies and Gulshan Devaiah as the bad guy eventually leaves you with this visceral need to pull out your hair. Let down by a pedestrian narrative, terrible writing, and overdramatized situations, the film defies all logic.

Jammwal's Karan Singh Dogra this time is on a mission to track down a London-based terrorist running a conversion racket in India that draws innocent Hindu boys to the Islamic fold and brainwashes them into committing violence for Allah along with other Muslims. Buraq Ansari (Gulshan Devaiah) is as evil as a human can be. We first see him heavily veiled. His face is revealed in a scene in which he forces his little son to watch as he brutally murders a man.

A cat-and-mouse game follows, giving a distinct impression that the terror organization is far more agile than the intelligence agencies. The film goes out of its way to show the BI and Military Intelligence as inefficient, a portrayal that borders on ridiculous.

The film's dialogues designed to be paeans to the patriotic spirit are tiresome at best and pointless blood-letting, one has observed makes a little impact unless the story has an emotional connect. Commando 3's biggest virtue is that while drumming up the patriotic bluster it does try its best to make a distinction between terrorists and Muslims as it were. Sometimes painstakingly so. But that’s obviously not good enough to salvage a poorly packaged film.

The story by Darius Yarmil and Junaid Wasi needed more conviction and a deeper understanding. Numerous references to cases of hate crimes, cow slaughter, Kashmir situation and Ayodhya conflict to explain the brewing resentment among Muslims. However, the mastermind who is planning to wreak havoc in India is never given a back-story to explain his actions.

The film is only watchable for high octane action sequences of Vidyut Jammwal. Adah and Angira get to kick butt prove their action acumen. While Angira looks natural and comfortable as the no-nonsense officer, Adah softens it up with some dry humor and her one-liners.

Gulshan Devaiah, despite a good track record as the villain on OTT platforms, fizzles out here and doesn’t even come close to being the menacing and cruel character that Buraq is expected to be. Though in the first few scenes, you breathe a sigh of relief as makers got someone with an accurate accent but the relief is short-lived. As the story progresses, he resorts to overacting as well.

The film has running time of two hours twenty minutes with the story and the message that the director intended to convey, it could have been easily wrapped up in a crisp hour and a half, but brevity doesn’t seem to be the strong point here. The film is a onetime watch only for the action sequences which is why Commando got these many sequels.

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