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C U Soon Movie Review: A Crackling thriller which is sharply edited and brilliantly presented.

Modified On: 02 September 2020 | Reviewed By:

Fahad Faasil, Roshan Mathew and an outstanding Darshana Rajendran starring C U Soon is another feather in brilliant filmography of Malayalam Cinema.

C U Soon

Director: Mahesh Narayanan | Music Director:

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Cast: Fahad Faasil, Roshan Mathew, Darshana Rajendran

Directed By: Mahesh Narayanan

When I saw the 2018 film Searching film which was a desktop thriller, movie which is made completely shot in a front camera style, I thought why we Indians can't make these style of films. And 2020 Malayalam film C U Soon is the answer to it. 

Apart from the fact that it’s a film completely shot during the lockdown and on an iPhone, what really sets apart is its experimental tone and how it uses a set of digital screens to deliver a taut and genre-breaking viewing experience. After watching C U Soon you will realize that story demands this technique, not the other way round.

The story is about Jimmy (Roshan Mathew) who meets Anumol (Darshana Rajendran) through Tinder and falls in love with her and wants to marry her but the film is not about a boy meets a girl, fall in love and live happily ever after. This is the internet era we living and we don't really know the truth about the virtual reality all the shine we saw on the screen could have a darker side. 

Written, directed and edited by Mahesh Narayanan, the Malayalam film runs 90-odd minutes and plays out entirely on computers and smartphones. It renders a simple story of love, loss and retrieval in a socially-distanced format that is not only excitingly idiosyncratic but also consistently effective.

The film is brilliantly presented, laced with shaped editing and controlled direction by Mahesh Narayan. Mahesh Narayan is credited as Edited, written, virtual cinematography and direction and the maker know his job well. Mahesh Narayan makes the audience a voyeur, we know that the things which are going smoothly will turn out to be something fishy.

We suspect the character mainly Jimmy's love interest Anumol before the climax audience will be confused is the girl victim or antagonist?

The main lead is one of the strengths of this film. Fahad Faasil never disappoints in his film, the actor is known acting through his eyes and here too he does that skilfully. One of the scenes where he breaks down, the actor does it effortlessly without even making it loud.

Neither does Roshan Mathew miss a beat as he goes from being a smitten young man to becoming a victim of circumstances partly of his own making but wholly beyond his control.

But it is the young actress Darshana Rajendran who steals the show, she has nailed the character and gave life to the role. 

C U soon hands down is the best Indian film released during the lockdown and needs all your attention so that you don't miss this dazzling thriller. A must watch.

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