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Blank review: The film justifies its title.

Modified On: 03 May 2019 | Reviewed By:

The film has an excellent premise but screenplay and performances are ‘Blank’ but Sunny Deol shines gives you déjà vu of his 'dhai kilo ka haath' era.


Director: Behzad Khambata | Music Director:

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When you plot a story the writer should at least give a minimum logic to the reason why he/she created that plot but here the writer just not care.

A Muslim youth with a chip on his shoulder comes back to the city with a bomb embedded, yes you read right, not strapped - on his chest and, wired to his heart. I guess you didn’t jump from your couch after reading this but I cringed while watching.

He is alive 'trigger' for multiple explosive devices on a bunch of terrorists who've sneaked into the city. The set-up is both bizarre and burdensome, as much for the man as for the movie.

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And that dialogue too made me laugh, uski dil ki dhadkan bomb ki battery hai. Yeh mara toh phata, bomb agar nikale toh phata. It’s a dead man’s switch. What? Seriously?

And less convincing is the protagonist’s motive which is obviously revealed later which doesn’t excite.

The film opens on a strong note. A bearded young man with his hands tied behind him is on his knees in the middle of the vast expanse of a salt pan as a police sharpshooter takes aim and waits for his boss' command to fire. The guy is saved by a phone call. Cut. The film takes us back 12 hours.

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A suicide bomber forgetting his mission is quite an interesting plot but using logic in the premise is not the debutant writer-director Behzad Khambata’s cup of tea.

The debutant Karan Kapadia kept a poker face throughout the role, just wondered whether he was into the role or showcased lack of acting skills.

Sunny Deol plays ATS chief SS Diwan who is the only saving card of this film. His loud out shout reminds you of his glory days of career during the ’80s and ’90s (till Gadar).

Overall, Blank stays true with its title but not in a good way.

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