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Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni Movie Review

Modified On: 22 January 2019 | Reviewed By:

Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni, deals with the subject of Crime-Thriller in a different way than usual (Dark and realistic) rather as a commercial entertainer. But how much this blend will succeed in impressing you, check-out in this detailed review

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Premise / Story

A renowned law firm takes up a pro bono case for their promising new recruit Mahesh Das (Birbal, played by Srini) to handle it. As the case unfolds Birbal realizes, the accused was falsely framed. will Birbal succeed in getting Justice to the accused ? or is there a different dimension to the case altogether ?  


Movie deals with the subject of Crime-Thriller in a different way than usual (Dark and realistic) rather as a commercial entertainer. if you have watched the Trailer and Speculated what could be the 4th Dimension of a Murder ( 3 dimensions being why, how and who ) then it is the Context / Circumstances (or Run-time Error in software language) which shielded Vajramuni (the ultimate villain) until Birbal took up the case. The dimensions change to viewpoints (or perspectives) in the movie and 4 view-points are presented for the murder. 

For a movie which claimed itself to be experimental, it banked on a lot of commercial formulas. The Story is good but uncalled for punchlines and missing logic in some occasions made the Screenplay weak. Though the movie title gives importance to villain, but  the movie fails to create necessary hype around the him and hence when he finally gets revealed in climax doesn't give satisfaction of a conclusion. 

The writing seemed bit confused between creating suspense and abiding logic. There is a transformation scene in a restaurent where Birbal (Srini) had to convince Vishnu (Accused) to fight for justice rather than give in, that felt impactful and also there are lines like "though i stabbed him but i'm sure it wasn't enough for him to die" [translated] and its agreed makes you wonder how did he know ? 

Characterisation of Birbal(Srini) is nothing different than a Typical righteous easy-going South Indian Hero, apt described by a dialogue in movie "He is intelligent but not mature". In some scenes it felt like other characters were made dumb to make him smart. Jahnvi (Rukmini) an ambitious lawyer who values money over justice brings a conflict in plot and makes space for Rukmini to Perform. Some chuckles were brought by Sujay Shastry. of all the character artists Madhusudan Rao ( who played, Raghavan) takes special Attention.

Other technicians have done a commendable job in each department.


Its surely a watchable Commercial Entertainer. Movie will entertain you and if you Go with No exceptions you'll be definitely Satisfied!

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