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Bandra Movie Review : Attempts to create massy moments but lacks the energy of big entertainers

Modified On: 12 November 2023 | Reviewed By:

Bandra Movie Storyline: In a quest for a compelling storyline, associate director Sakshi stumbles upon a decades-old tragedy: the suicide of a Bollywood icon. As she unravels the past, it unveils the tale of Aala, a man with a mysterious past whose life took a dramatic turn when the queen of Bollywood entered his world.

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Review: "Bandra" is about involving a newbie director exploring the reasons behind the suicide of a 90s Bollywood actress, Thara Janki. The narrative is structured as a story within a story.

The movie begins with a new director investigating the suicide of 90s Bollywood actress Thara Janki. Thara seeks refuge in the house of wealthy Aala or Alexander Dominic in Kerala to escape her adoptive mother and a controlling don producing her films. Thara and Aala's love story doesn't develop well and poorly written.

Thara returns to Mumbai with the don and her mother, ending the initial phase of the story.

The second half becomes chaotic and messy, focusing on Thara finishing her contract with the don but facing challenges in getting new projects. Aala proposes to produce Thara's next film, involving shady dealings and crimes to finance it.

Dileep, the lead actor, shows his age and losing the liveliness that made him watchable.Tamannaah is required to look pretty but not fully getting into her role.

Aala's contract involves resolving issues with the don and avenging a former anti-terrorist squad officer's family killing.Thara's suicide is explained within the context of the plot.The film ends with a suggestion of a sequel. The movie's promising premise of exploring the underworld's involvement in Bollywood film production in the 90s is actually wasteful.

The director, Arun Gopy, attempts to create massy moments but lacks the energy of big entertainers.

The movie falls short of expectations, particularly in terms of character development, plot execution, and its potential to explore the intriguing backdrop of the 90s Bollywood film industry.

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