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Bad Manners Movie Review: A Journey of Suspense and Craftsmanship

Modified On: 24 November 2023 | Reviewed By:

Bad Manners Movie Review: Helmed by Duniya Soori, the Kannada movie "Bad Manners" hit theaters on November 24, 2023. This gripping thriller stars Abishek Ambareesh, Rachita Ram, Sharath Lohitashwa and Niranjan in prominent roles.

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Bad Manners Plot: 

Bad Manners delves into Rudra's story, played by Abishek Ambareesh, as he grapples with his father's passing and the burden of family debts. Joining the police force, Rudra's journey takes a dramatic twist when he loses his service gun during a critical crime scene investigation. Now confronted with the choice of retrieving the weapon or risking suspension, Rudra finds himself embarking on a high-stakes mission. Having lost his service gun while on duty, police officer Rudresh or Rudra is now desperate to find its replacement to save his job. This leads him to a secret town named Goda which is notorious for mass production of duplicate or 'country' weapons, where he encounters kingpins of that world. Will Rudra get what he wants? Or could it be that there's a lot more to his mission than simply picking up a duplicate pistol?

Suri's Craftsmanship Sets the Tone

Although the plot follows the familiar narrative of a dedicated police officer pursuing criminals in his unique way, it's the directorial finesse of Suri that elevates the overall experience. Right from the beginning, Bad Manners is exactly what we anticipate from Suri. The intentional confusion is noticeable from the start, prompting us to pay close attention to understand what's unfolding. The movie takes some time to pick up speed, giving us a chance to familiarize ourselves with the world Suri is building. The story moves rapidly, introducing many characters with dialogue that might not immediately make sense. Despite this, Suri keeps the intensity high, not giving the audience much of a break.

Abhishek Ambareesh Captivates Audiences

Abhishek Ambareesh, the Young Rebel Star, makes a triumphant return with a confident and dynamic performance. His performance in this film is an improvement from his debut in "Amar." He does well in showing the toughness of a police officer but seems a bit stiff in emotional parts. Suri tries to balance his unique style and deserves recognition for Abhishek's remarkable transformation into an actor.

Bad Manners' screenplay, by Amri and Surendranath, lacks depth, hindering the protagonist's emotional journey. Suri's usual focus on relatable leads is missing here. The female characters, typically vibrant in Suri's films, lack depth and significance in this narrative. This results in a lackluster portrayal, dampening the overall impact of the movie.

The exceptional music by Charan Raj, coupled with Shekar S's cinematography, leaves a lasting impression. Renowned action choreographer Ravi Varma's contribution stands out as yet another highlight of the film. 


While unquestionably a Suri film, Bad Manners falls short of being his finest work. The narrative's lack of emotional depth proves to be a stumbling block, and the filmmaker endeavors to rescue it through well-executed action sequences and his distinctive perspective. A more robust script and central performances could have significantly enhanced Bad Manners.

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