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Bachelor Party Movie Review: Bachelor Party Struggles To Balance Between Being Peppy And Lackadaisical

Modified On: 27 January 2024 | Reviewed By:

Bachelor Party Movie Storyline: A meek youngster Santosh (Diganth Manchale), stuck in a bad marriage, and a miserable life, lands up in Bangkok with his school friend, Maddy (Yogi), and teacher, PT Sir (Achyut Kumar) after a bachelor party. A bigger surprise awaits him even as he gets ready to return home.

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Bachelor Party Movie Review: The film revolves around Santosh, played by Diganth Manchale, who leads a monotonous life due to his demanding wife and work-related issues. His life takes a colorful turn when he is invited to his friend Ashok's (Shine Shetty) Bachelor Party in Bangkok. The story unfolds as Santosh, along with friends Maddy (Yogi) and PT Sir (Achyut Kumar), discovers his wife's infidelity and decides to expose her.

The movie takes off after a slow start, with the first half leading chaotically towards the intermission. The core premise raises logical questions, and the second half introduces more characters to aid in the trio's journey. The humor in the film is described as having its moments, but some jokes are considered outdated.

The film is perceived as catering specifically to a male audience,Diganth and Yogi are at their casual best and have delivered what is expected of them. Yogi’s comic timing sure adds flavour to the party. Achyut Kumar, Balaji Manohar, Prakash Tumminadu do bring entertainment to the table, but average jokes play the party pooper. Director Pawan Kumar and Guru Prasad are seen in a special role. For a film industry that extracted powerful performances from women last year, the first big release of this year seems like it's taken two steps backwards, thanks to cliched female characters. Director Abhijith Mahesh’s debut direction is bogged down by lack of freshness.

Despite drawing comparisons with the Hollywood film "The Hangover," we can conclude that Bachelor Party struggles to balance between being peppy and lackadaisical, leaving the audience with mixed feelings about the film.

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