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Article 15 Review: A round of applause to this film that has guts to show the bitter truth of our society

Modified On: 28 June 2019 | Reviewed By:

Article 15 Movie Review: Anubhav Sinha’s 'Article 15' is a hard-hitting, a gripping thriller which deserves all the Kudos.

Article 15

Director: Anubhav Sinha | Music Director:

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If Anubhav Sinha’s previous movie Mulk was about the atrocities of religion then his current release Article 15 is about atrocities of the caste system. The former was a court-room drama and the latter is a cop-thriller.

Article 15 is based on the gruesome Badaun rapes in Uttar Pradesh, where two girls were found hanging from the tree. Here, we are taken to the grim Lalgaon in UP, where people wear their caste on their sleeves. It's an unsettling world of discrimination, where people don't even want to share water with people from lower castes. More than a person's name, it's their caste which is of relevance. 

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The police cop Ayan Ranjan (Ayushmann Khurrana) investigates the case who himself is from an upper-caste family. A well-educated caste blind who seems to alienate from the fact that our country still follows the caste hierarchy. 

Ayan tries to understand the caste hierarchy in one of the brilliant scenes of the film where one of his subordinates tells Ayan that he is a Brahmin only to be summarily told by one of his subordinates that he doesn't belong to the top category of the upper caste. One of the senior most men in Ayan's team, Brahmdutt Singh (Manoj Pahwa), is a Thakur, his driver Chandrabhan Singh (Subhrajyoti Barat) is a Rajput, his communications guy Mayank (Ashish Verma) is a Kayastha and another old hand (Kumud Mishra), son of a sweeper, is a Jatav. 

It’s seldom that caste system is a major subject in mainstream Hindi cinema and here’s where Article 15 takes all the brownie points. 

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Ayushmann Khurrana is always known for choosing unconventional and content-driven scripts and Article 15 is one of a feather on his cap. The actor has surpassed all his previous and has given a subtle performance of a police cop. Though the filmmaker tries to encash is fresh stardom by giving him a heroic entry.

Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra are two gems of Hindi Cinema who can effortlessly perform any kind of roles given to them. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is brilliant in his role too. 

Article 15 has some disturbing scenes which can make the audience uncomfortable such as the scenes of the dead bodies of the girl. Anubhav exactly wanted us to feel the way we felt, uneasy.  

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Sayani Gupta is fabulous in whatever little we see of her. She makes us believe that she is actually living the role of a woman who is trying to fight for survival in a cruel world. Ayan's girlfriend Isha Talwar, who is an activist, exists solely to either be upset with him or motivate him and then again recede into the background.

Article 15 is an important film in today’s time where people have forgotten humanity and tries to suppress people to ace the hierarchy. 

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