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Aquaman Movie Review

Modified On: 26 December 2018 | Reviewed By:

Aquaman Movie Review: Another flick from the DC Cinematic Universe after Justice League, this one explores the life of the underwater king Aquaman and his life in the Atlantis.

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There is a huge fan following of the DC universe for many years in India with many flicks especially when Christopher Nolan gave us a realistic approach to the dark knight in his trilogy. After some years, Zack Snyder decided to use Superman's tale in Man Of Steel which later evolved into a franchise with multiple flicks. Aquaman happens to be one of DC Universe's underdog characters to watch out for.

The film begins with Thomas Curry, a lighthouse keeper in Maine rescuing Atlanna who comes to the surface during a storm and they eventually fall in love. Sometime later, they are blessed with a son Arthur who inherits the qualities of communicating with normal humans and marine inhabitants. Years later, Arthur is trained as a warrior under the guidance of Nuidis Vilko but is ostracized frequently for his half-breed upbringing and leaves Atlantis.

A year later, Arthur becomes a saviour by thwarting a group of pirates hijack plot which leads to the death of their leaders. The leader's son David vows to take revenge against him. Apart from this, there is a parallel story where Arthur has to stop a duel in another underwater kingdom.

Kudos to the special effects, the Atlantis created in the movie seems to be quite appealing to most of the viewers who are entirely focussing on getting a cinematic experience in theatres. 

With the minimal depiction of the underwater world as shown in the previous DC flicks like Batman Vs Superman - Dawn Of Justice and Justice League, director James Wan wants to make sure that the fans get to witness the out-of-the-world experience with this film.

Jason Momoa, who was first shown in Dawn Of Justice in a cameo looks macho and hefty while playing the character. It's surprising as he has become popular with his characters Khal Drogo in Game Of Thrones and part of DC Cinematic Universe.

The leading ladies Amber Heard and Nicole Kidman play their parts very well. These actresses are filled with a lot of attitude and a "don't mess with me" persona in them. They don't fail to impress us not even one bit.

There are certain flaws in them but most of them can be ignored with Jason Momoa's acting,

Don't skip this standalone DC flick, if you are trying to get over Justice League's wafer-thin writing. 

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