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And the Oskar Goes To Movie Review: A grounded tale about a filmmakers struggle but sometimes looks over-dramatic.

Modified On: 21 June 2019 | Reviewed By:

The story is a fictional tale about this film's director Salim Ahmed who had a similar struggle when his first film Adaminte Makan Abu was officially sent to Oscar.

And The Oscar Goes To

Director: Salim Ahmed | Music Director: BijiBal

And The Oscar Goes To Movie Poster

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Cast: Tovino Thomas, Anu Sithara, Salim Kumar, Sreenivasan, Lal, and Zarina Wahab.

Director: Salim Ahmed

The film shows the struggle of filmmaker Izaak Ibrahim's (Tovino Thomas) struggle who puts in all his sweat and blood to direct his first movie, and it becomes India's official entry to the Oscars. The games and politics awaiting him there on aren't pretty.

Generally, the film within film movies always shows the struggle of a filmmaker in a larger than life way were struggles are shown to easy when in the end all goes well.

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There are no larger than life characters, heroism or punch lines in this film, which traces Isaak's dreams and progresses in a realistic fashion. His struggles are often gingerly executed and one easily gets a closer look at the various layers beneath Isaak's laughs. In this film Tovino

The film shows how success can change equations, how there is a big queue of people waiting for their big break, how cinema continues to be a lost-but-not-forgotten love for many. 

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The second half of the film lacks pace and goes overboard when the protagonist goes to the US includes some cliche scenes of stereotyping Indians.

Natural performances from veterans like Salim Kumar, Sreenivasan, Lal and others like Maala Parvathi, Anu, and a short scene by Zareena Wahab make the film easy to watch. You don’t get bored, you also don’t get psyched. You just wait and watch the drama, and wish there was a little more from the hero and a little less from Nikki, who has quite a few angry outbursts that stick out.  

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