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Airaa Movie Review : A Supernatural revenge Drama based on 'Butterfly Effect', went Silly in an attempt to be Unusual !

Modified On: 28 March 2019 | Reviewed By:

Airaa is a supernatural horror film, what that means is that the ghost element in this world is real. The movie has some good horror moments but the backstory kills the impact of the movie and climax makes it even more sloppy. The movie is only enjoyable for its Horror Thrills, Music and other entertainment ingredients.


Director: Sarjun KM | Music Director: Achu Rajamani

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Yamuna (Nayanthara),  a journalist who is on a vacation to her grandmother's place decides to start a youtube channel based on Fake paranormal Activities, which does go viral. But when a real ghost starts the haunting Yamuna, the quest for the reason behind it forms rest of the plot.


Airaa opens with a  Horror Prologue, how much does it scare you is subjective. Movie's first half is a relief and is a perfect shot horror film, that keeps you intrigued for the mystery to unfold. we Two parallel unrelated stories Kalaiyarasan and Nayanthara, keeps engaged in guessing how the two stories will connect. the comedy track of Yogi Babu and Yamuna's Grandmother adds he required entertainment quotient. you won't have any complaints with the first half whatsoever, every ingredient is just added to perfection.

The second half is where we start receiving answers to the questions that are built-up in the first half. The second half is also where the writing starts to derail and the answers that are provided sound so illogical that it degrades the hype set by the first half. The Flashback tries to gain sympathy on the ghost character but it couldn't cease to feel dragged and sloppy. And the climax it just adds cherry on the cake. 

 By Butterfly effect analogy, aren't we all responsible in at least one death, what if all ghosts start taking revenge in this fashion? EndGame 😱 (did you get that ?)

The Music of the movie is well mastered and resonates well with horror scenes. Moreover, the song in the flashback episode keeps haunting you even after the show. the cinematography work is picture perfect and all other technical departments do not a reason to complain.

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