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Aadai Movie Review: This is Amala Paul's One (Wo)Man Show.

Modified On: 22 July 2019 | Reviewed By:

Aadai is ambitious survival thriller which is carried single-handedly carried by a brilliant Amala Paul despite its flaws.


Director: Rathnakumar | Music Director: Pradeep Kumar, Oorka

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Cast: Amala Paul, Ramya Subramanian, Vivek Prasanna

Director: Rathna Kumar

Kamini(Amala Paul) is an unapologetic girl who doesn't shy to give her opinion, placing a bet and wearing saree is a nightmare for her. She has her own prank show also.

Due to her habit of placing a bet, Kamini who wouldn’t mind taking off her clothes for a challenge is shown her place, which you can see in the teaser itself. How Kamini escapes from the building and who has done this to her is the second half of the story with a shocking but slightly unconvincing climax.

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This film also tries to explain the true meaning of feminism, does this concept works in the male-dominated patriarchal society or does our protagonist does know the meaning of feminism is brilliantly shown in the film.

The film does have some brilliant moments, especially the dig it took on one very famous lyricist who was called out last year for being a sexual predator, and for all the anticipation it built up inside the high rise building where Kamini is stuck naked. The pre-climax scenes where Kamini, caught in this dog-eat-dog world, talks to herself, admonishing her fears is one of the best scenes.

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The teaser of the film shows a quote by Jean-Paul Sartre  “Freedom is about what you do with what’s been done to you.” Well, the film has its own version of it in Tamil - ‘kedacha sugandiratha veenakadheenga’, (don’t misuse/waste the freedom you’ve got) and ‘enna than sugandhira kodi uh irundhalum, adhan sugandhiram kodi varaikum than’ (even if it’s the freedom flag, its freedom is limited to the pole). This itself is the plot summary of the film.

The film has some flaws like why she didn't try to WhatsApp anyone when she is stuck in the building, even the idea of using food delivery as a plan to seek help from the delivery boy seemed too far fetched in the scheme of things. But if you as an audience ignore the fact of you can do this to how will she then you can see this film with flaws too.

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However, the film is a thrilling watch for its unique concept, cinematography, and crackling Amala Paul. Tamil Cinema gets a new mass heroine.

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