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2.0 Movie Review

Modified On: 29 November 2018 | Reviewed By:

2.0 Movie Review: S. Shankar creates a great 3D spectacle in Indian Cinema. Mobile phones! What will happen if you overuse Mobile phones is the theme of the movie, which Shankar uses to make a whole imaginative, over-scientific driven 2 hrs and 36 minutes movie successfully.


Director: S. Shankar | Music Director: A. R. Rahman

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A movie that needs to be watched in 3D to get that punch is feast for all Thalaiva fans each and every time he makes an entry.

Plot: It all starts with an old man ornithologist committing suicide from a mobile tower. Then comes the introduction of Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) and his new Robo assistant Nila played by Amy Jackson. Some scenes later , the mobile phone starts flying off shelf and out of everyone's hand to create some kind of havoc in the city. 

As usual, Dr. Vaseegaran has to investigate the situation as to why this mysterious thing is happening in and around the city. And when all mobile phones which vanished without a trace then takes a form of a giant bird, there is no other option than to bring back Chitti to life.

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Background score by A. R. Rahman is very pleasing and you never get bored by it. Whatever he does is always feast for ears and can be very well enjoyed every bit.

As the fight takes place between Chitti and the mobile embodied giant bird, you realize that the 3D editing and technicality is top class in Indian cinema. Again, I am mentioning the Movie has to be watched only in 3D to appreciate the work Shankar has put to bring this movie. The movie has been edited 3 times to get the best work in front of you.

As the giant bird turns out to be too strong for Chitti, another version of Chitti version 2.0 has to be brought back. There are some goosebumps sequences at the interval which I will not reveal as you need to experience. 

Akshay Kumar plays the role of an ornithologist, the old man committing suicide who we saw at the start of the film. We are introduced to the flashback of his story as Pakshirajan after the first half. 

As 2.0 firmware is uploaded into Chitti, fans can go into a frenzy of Rajini. He is back with his punchy and massy dialogues. Some fight sequences are long and overwhelming but as a whole the movie can be appreciated. 

And then there is a final surprise for fans Chitti version 3.0. Again, I don’t want to reveal much about this character.

Akshay Kumar as the antagonist has given a tremendous performance. It is a treat for his fans to see him play this role.

As a whole the movie is definitely worth watching for the amount of work and money put by everyone. Shankar conveys a social message in his style and of course the music by AR Rahman takes it to a different level. Lets see how the movie fares at the box office.

We had reduced Ticket Price for this movie by Rs.250 before release.

 You can still reduce ticket price for Rajinikanth's "2.0" by Rs.150.
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