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14 Phere Movie review: Vikrant messy- Kriti Kharbanda starrer film tries too hard to be funny

Modified On: 23 July 2021 | Reviewed By:

14 Phere, written by Manoj Kalwani and coordinated by Devanshu Singh, submits the cardinal blunder of minimizing the hazard of upper standing qualification and the offensiveness of male-centric society.

14 Phere

Director: Devanshu Singh | Music Director: Rajeev V Bhalla, JAM8

14 Phere Movie Poster

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Cast: Vikrant Massey, Kriti Kharbanda, Yamini Das, Gauahar Khan

Director: Devanshu Singh

In case you are a sucker for huge Indian weddings, particularly of the unbridled kind that Hindi motion pictures sell, odds are you will fancy 14 Phere. The film has two. Consequently the title. The issue is that the amazing weddings that this dismal dramedy stages don't amount to the proposed twofold portion of joviality.

Nor is that all. 14 Phere, composed by Manoj Kalwani and coordinated by Devanshu Singh, submits the cardinal mistake of minimizing the hazard of upper station qualification and the grotesqueness of male-centric society.

By all accounts, this Zee5 film may give off an impression of being getting down on individuals who invest heavily in the roost on the standing pecking order that their introduction to the world has conceded them. What it really winds up doing is downplay the points of view that incite social and sexual orientation biases.

Sanjay and Aditi are demonstrated on the traditionalist couples from 1990s Hindi movies who revolted pleasantly and bashfully. Maybe than playing the cake-needing and-eating-too business as a super sham, Devanshu Singh's film gets two or three's endeavours to stay together as an observational satire.

Manoj Kalwani's screenplay battles to remove humour from casteist perspectives and the ability of older folks to butcher disobedient relatives. Jameel Khan and Gauahar Khan, as Sanjay and Aditi's phoney guardians, are very little assistance in producing the chuckles all things considered.

Gauahar Khan's Zubina is about a similar particularly unconvincing as a matron age as Aditi. In a less pompous creation, substantially more would have been made of Zubina's obviously phoney hairpiece and young skin tone.

The bluntness of the leads further adds to the general drowsiness. Vikrant Massey works more enthusiastically than is required, while Jameel Khan, who is excessively gifted for something like this, is squandered as the copy father who flinches at Zubina's hamminess. He isn't the one to focus.

Massey and Kharbanda make an acceptable pair and the supporting entertainers, quite Vineet Kumar, Jameel Khan and Yamini Das (as a quiet, accommodating lady who is a long way from the glib mother/mother-in-law she played in the new Haseen Dillruba) stand their ground. However, the exhibitions can't get away from the brunt of the dull.

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