Yatra Teaser: A Sneek Peak Into Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy's Life

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Yatra have released their teaser and the Mammootty fans are going to be rejoiced after seeing the actor featuring in Telugu cinema after a long time.

Yatra Teaser: A Sneek Peak Into Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy's Life

Yatrais a biopic of the late Chief Minister Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy who had a track record of winning multiple elections and he has been one of the most loyal players for Congress for many years.

His good times were short-lived when he was killed in a helicopter crash near a village in Andhra Pradesh because the chopper was flown in bad weather conditions. There was no sign of the chopper after took off from the airport in Hyderabad, after three days of extensive searching the chopper remains were found in a forest and YSR's corpse was found hanging to a tree. His death caused a huge blow to the entire Andhra Pradesh.

Check out the teaser right below:

Yatra will release on January 2019 on the day of Sankranthi.

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