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Tej I Love You Movie Review: A Tried And Tested Love Story Used Frequently

Published On: 06 July 2018 | Tollywood | By:

Tej I Love You Movie Review: A Tried And Tested Love Story Used Frequently
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Tej, I Love You is a romantic comedy which stars Sai Dharam Tej and Anupama Parmeshwaran in lead roles. The movie releases today at a theatre near you.

Tej I Love You starts off with Tej who was an orphan at a very young age and lived with his uncle in the village and during his early teens he saves a woman when she gets harassed by a bunch of goons. He manages to kill them but unfortunately goes to prison when the lady refuses to prove his innocence.

After getting released from prison after many years, Tej gets a grand welcome from his family on the occasion of his birthday. Slowly, he becomes a member of a boys group which is run by his uncle and it goes pretty well. Then suddenly an NRI girl Nandini (Anupama Parmeshwaran) enters the scene and Tej becomes smitten by her. Soon, their love starts blossoming in various occasions and they start getting along with each other.

But the happiness is short-lived when Nandini meets with an accident and ends up losing her memory in the process. The main story kicks in when Tej and his friends team up to bring back Nandini's memory.

The story is obviously tried and tested because this formula is used almost in every film industry in India and the worst part is that this is done to death but still the directors are hellbent in using this formula once again. This movie would have been good if this formula was not used repetitively and it could've been better with a different storyline.

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