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Devadas Movie Review: A Friendship Between Two Star-Crossed Men

Published On: 27 September 2018 | Tollywood | By:

Devadas Movie Review: A Friendship Between Two Star-Crossed Men
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Devadas is an action comedy starring Nani and Nagarjuna in lead roles. The film is directed by Sriram Adithya and music is given by Mani Sharma.

If you are so used to your mundane lifestyle ranging from getting up early and head to work and this routine goes for days altogether, it becomes repetitive, addictive and you will be used to it as well. But if one moment which involves thrill and adventure enters your mundane life then that can change your perspective of your life and your habits will change as well. This is what Devadas is all about.

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The plot revolves around a man called Das (Nani) who is a doctor in a clinic and he proudly shows off that he is a gold medalist from a medical college which causes an irritation to most of his peers but that doesn't budge him. His boring life is brought to a standstill when a dreaded gangster Deva (Akkineni Nagarjuna) unexpectedly enters his clinic in the pretext of seeking refuge after escaping from a brutal gang war and the cops who are hot on his trail. Deva makes his clinic as his base where he uses it as a safe house and for some drinks which he enjoys like no tomorrow, much to the dismay of Nani who is looking at it shocked. His friendship with the gangster starts giving the worst nightmares which he has never seen it coming in his entire life.

The director has taken up a pretty cool title when the plot involves two best friends and he has utilized it as Deva+Das=Devadas. I think he has used this technique deliberately to generate curiosity among the audiences who will assume that the film is another version of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's Devdas.

Apart from the plot, the director has mixed too much of melodramatic moments which are quite repetitive in the film and that slows the pace of the film as well. The screenplay also goes haywire when it is utilized in the film but the director has covered up that mistake by breaking the stereotype of a gangster in the script which we can clearly see in the film.

The music is quite hummable and they have shot quite well too especially when it deals with the romantic moments of Das with Pooja (Rashmika Mandanna) and Deva with Jahnavi (Aakansha Singh). The songs are just like a break from all the tension which keeps the audience hooked while watching and they are just for timepass. The leading ladies of the film are only focused as an eye candy in the film and they are overshadowed by Nani and Nagarjuna's chemistry.

The director goes too extreme while portraying two different sequences in the film ranging from melodramatic scenes to hilarious moments. A proper bridge between both the important aspects of the film would've been helpful in making the screenplay tighter which would be the core part of the film to make it more memorable.

This light-hearted bromance is just perfect watch for most of us on weekend and it will keep us laughing our heads off until the film finishes. The duration of the film is quite slow and it will force you to stay for a very long time, so better finish your important breaks before the film starts and during interval as this one is not to be missed in the theaters.

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