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Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Review: The Same Old Experiment Backfires Again

Published On: 16 November 2018 | Tollywood | By:

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Review: The Same Old Experiment Backfires Again

Amar Akbar Anthony Movie Review: Illeana comes back to Tollywood after six long years post her stint in Bollywood. Check out our movie review for this film...

Most of the important health issues have been twisted by the Indian Film Industry frequently in various languages. These twisted logic sequences like treating a heart patient, curing a fractured arm or reviving a person have forced the doctors of today to go back to school. Amar Akbar Anthony falls in this category.

Set in New York City, Amar (Ravi Teja) is released from prison after 14 years and he is filled with revenge in his mind. The condition is not new with Pooja aka Aishwarya (Illeana D'Cruz) who faces constant harassment from Miriyala (Vennela Kishore). The main key in this film is the DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) which plays a very important role in Amar's life when he transforms into cool and calm Anthony and then suddenly into Akbar with the stereotyped Hyderabadi accent. 

The only person who can become an obstacle of getting revenge from the owners of a pharma group is Balwanth (Abhimanyu Singh) an FBI Agent who's hot on his tail.

Apart from the key actors in the film, other elements are heavily forced in the film, designated elements like the Telangana group in the US, a black magic professional and a habitual gambler are just unnecessary in the film. God knows why did the director add them?

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The director Srinu Vaitla wanted to use the same old formula like how he had used in his previous movies and this time it backfired with too much of OTT moments ranging from forced comedy to unnecessary song and dance in between.

Ravi Teja acts well in different parts of his character especially when it comes to playing a person suffering from a split personality. Anthony and Amar look fantastic but Akbar seems to be forced.

Illeana is completely wasted in the film and this one is not the comeback which she might have intended to do.

Vennela Kishore despite having a small part in the film at least gives justice to his role in the film.

Overall, the film is just a time pass and you can only get entertainment not logic.


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