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Yogi Babu’s next, ‘Constable Nandhan,’ goes on floors

Published On: 09 July 2024 | Kollywood | By:

Yogi Babu’s next, ‘Constable Nandhan,’ goes on floors
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Yogi Babu and Ravi Mariya will be facing off in a new film titled Constable Nandhan. Directed by Boobala Natesan, the film features Yogi Babu in the titular role and Ravi Mariya as the antagonist named Krishnaraj.

Natesan shared insights about the film, noting that the story primarily revolves around three characters. “The script didn’t demand the presence of many artistes. The third character will be someone who just finished school. We haven’t finalized an actor for that role yet,” he said.

Describing Constable Nandhan as an emotional drama, Natesan highlighted that he has cast against type. “Yogi Babu has mostly done comedy roles. So, it will be very touching for us when an actor, who has mostly played comedian, gets emotional. Even Ravi Mariya, who has mainly done comedy, plays a villain,” he explained.

The inspiration for the film came from a friend's experiences as a police constable three years ago. “The idea came up when a friend told me about the struggles he faced as a police constable. Through my film, I wanted to show those realities,” Natesan stated. He emphasized the importance of making films based on personal preference and relevant issues rather than following popular trends: “Just because a film in a particular genre becomes a hit, it doesn’t mean everyone should start making something similar. We should make films on an issue and in a genre of our preference.”

Addressing concerns about Yogi Babu's recent performances as a protagonist, Natesan expressed confidence in his casting choice. “No matter how big a star is, their films can either have a 100-day run or not do well at all. As far as I am concerned, Yogi Babu is a big star who is the best fit for this film,” he affirmed.

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