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Vada Chennai Movie Review: Dhanush Rocks In This Gangster Film

Published On: 17 October 2018 | Kollywood | By:

Vada Chennai Movie Review: Dhanush Rocks In This Gangster Film
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Vada Chennai Movie Review: The film happens to be the second association of Dhanush with Vetri Maaran after Aadukulam and this one is something out of the ordinary. The film is directed by Vetri Maaran and produced by Dhanush.

Most gangster films are quite engaging and thrilling with the kind of story and the setting which compels the users to get into the deep dark world where there are no morals and nobody is anybody's friend. Vada Chennai explores this kind of theme in the film.

The film revolves around Anbu (Dhanush) who is a gullible simpleton living in the suburbs of Chennai. He is a national-level carrom player but some how gets sucked into the underworld. The film opens in the 80s when a brutal murder takes place and that sets the ball in motion when the real plot kicks in. The story then flashes forward to the early 2000s when Anbu is sucked into the depths of the underworld where nobody returns alive.

The underworld depicted in the film is not like the usual masala potboilers which most of us have been spoonfed all our lives with larger-than-life gangsters to over-the-top action sequences. This flick will give you a huge glimpse into the underworld ranging from brutal kills, drug peddling and illegal betting.

Some of the actresses like Andrea Jeremiah and Aishwarya Rajesh have managed to put up a good show in giving emotions in the intense scenes of the film. This might be Dhanush's next award in his hands after winning accolades for Aadukalam.

Apart from the violence, blood and gore, there are some harsh truths of the prisons which have not been shown in different films like smuggling mobile phones, drugs and alcohol among inmates. 

The director has done a good job in keeping the grounded screenplay of the film. You will tend to feel the authenticity which will make us forget all the mass entertainers we have been binge watching for so many days.

Overall, watch this film for Dhanush's gangster portrayal and his powerful acting in every frame of the movie.

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