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The Trisha-Mansoor Ali Khan Controversy: Mansoor Ali Khan Faces Backlash Over Offensive Rape Comment About Trisha

Published On: 21 November 2023 | Kollywood | By:

The Trisha-Mansoor Ali Khan Controversy: Mansoor Ali Khan Faces Backlash Over Offensive Rape Comment About Trisha
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The Trisha-Mansoor Ali Khan Controversy: Mansoor Ali Khan's recent derogatory comments about Trisha at a press conference have sparked criticism from both the film industry and the actress's fans.

During a recent press conference, Mansoor Ali Khan faced heat for his offensive statement in which he expressed disappointment about not getting villain roles that involve rape scenes. 

He stated, 

"They are not giving me villain roles. They don’t let me rape! I had intended to speak about this at Leo (success meet), but I did not as I felt some might turn it into a controversy. I was very eager when I heard I’d be acting with Trisha. I thought, ‘There will definitely be a bedroom scene. Just like how I threw Kushboo and Roja on the bed, I can do it with her as well. In my 150 films, haven’t I committed so many rapes and atrocities! They are not casting me as a villain. Just like how Hanuman took Chiranjeevi mountain in his hand, they took Trisha to Kashmir and brought her back. They didn’t even show her to me!"

Expressing eagerness about acting with Trisha, Mansoor Ali Khan made disturbing comments about expecting a bedroom scene. He went on to reference past roles where he committed rapes and atrocities in his 150 films, expressing frustration at not being cast as a villain. The actor's inappropriate remarks have stirred significant backlash in both the film industry and public opinion.

Here is the video:

The controversy surrounding actor Mansoor Ali Khan escalated as Trisha, the Leo actor, publicly denounced him for his crass remarks. Expressing her strong disapproval, Trisha declared that she would ensure she never shares screen space with him.

Here is her post:

"He Should Seek a Public Apology" : Nadigar Sangam

"When it’s still difficult for women to enter and succeed in the film industry, it is strongly condemnable that Mansoor Ali Khan has made such disgusting remarks about actresses who have been succeeding while facing many challenges. We stand by the actresses on this issue. As an actor, director and producer, Mansoor Ali Khan should understand his responsibility while he speaks. We’re considering the possibility of temporarily removing him as a member from our association until he truly understands the error of his ways, regrets it and asks for a public apology." Nadigar Sangam said.

Mansoor Ali Khan Refuses Apology to Trisha Despite Temporal Ban

Following his controversial remarks and the subsequent temporary ban imposed by the Nadigar Sangam, Mansoor Ali Khan remained steadfast in his refusal to apologize to Trisha. 

In response to the Nadigar Sangam's stance, he criticized their handling of the issue, stating that they did not seek an explanation from him before imposing the ban. Mansoor Ali Khan gave the Nadigar Sangam a four-hour ultimatum to withdraw their statement, emphasizing that he would not apologize, stating, 'Do I look like someone who will apologize? I have the support of Tamil people.'

Furthermore, he criticized the media for their portrayal of the issue, particularly the juxtaposition of pictures of him and Trisha that, according to him, resembled those of a bride and groom. Despite defending his comments and providing clarification on the nature of his remarks, he remained firm in his refusal to apologize, arguing that he had not said anything wrong.

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