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Ratsasan Movie Review: A Slasher Meets Whodunit In This Film

Published On: 04 October 2018 | Kollywood | By:

Ratsasan Movie Review: A Slasher Meets Whodunit In This Film
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Ratsasan is a psychological thriller starring Vishnu Vishal and Amala Paul in lead roles, the film is well known for suspense elements.

Usually, murder mysteries are categorized in two different forms of fiction one is slasher type and the other is a whodunit. Both these forms are blended in this just-released Ratsasan which is brutal as well as unpredictable, sounds like a deadly combination.

The film revolves around Arun Kumar (Vishnu Vishal) who wants to be a filmmaker and his first film happens to be about a brutal serial killer. But because of family pressure and financial conditions, he agrees to become a police officer.

During his job, he comes across a case of a teenage girl who has been brutally murdered under gruesome circumstances and then follows many other cases where many teenage girls killed in a similar fashion. Which ultimately leads to the conclusion that it is a handiwork of a serial killer who selects his victims carefully and suffers from a mental condition which gives him a sadistic smile when he sees his victims in pain as he kills them in a cannibal method. By the way, the blood and gore in intense scenes are well toned for the faint-hearted and there is a little bit of suspense music infused when Arun investigates the murders at the crime scene courtesy of Ghibran.

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Ram Kumar has written and directed the film in a really innovative manner, each scene and moment gets the viewer guessing about what is going to happen next? To keep the tension and anxiety toned, there is a brewing romance between Vishnu and Amala Paul to give a little light feeling to some of the viewers who have a tough time in watching such kind of films.

If you are planning to watch this amazing flick this weekend, let me give you a piece of advice. Make sure to finish all your important work ranging from social media statuses, loo breaks and snacks either before the movie starts or during the intermission, as you don't want to miss this one until you find out who the killer is. If you are a hardcore fan of suspense crime thrillers infused with brutal scenes then don't wait, just watch this amazing fare.

Get ready to expect the unexpected if you want to watch it this weekend.

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