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Kaala Movie Review: A treat to see Rajinikanth play his age

Published On: 07 June 2018 | Kollywood | By:

Kaala Movie Review: A treat to see Rajinikanth play his age
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Yet another heavily anticipated Ranjith-Rajinikanth movie drives fans all over India bonkers. Our local friends too made the trip to Chennai for the first show of Kaala.

Land is the common man's right pretty much wraps up the story line. Nevertheless do we see Rajinikanth, the King of Dharavi's profit against the wicked politicians and land dons? Tamils migrate and settle in the slums they adjusted in, built it and raised so much so politicians were itching to smuggle it for themselves. Kaala isn't about any street gangster turning big for his land, but about a revolution. A revolution forced by the minority.

From the word get go, we see the Rajini of the times he had no grey hair, charismatic and heart filling with his screen presence. Ranjith sets the tone from the start that we will be seeing Kaala as the common neighbourhood man, funny, manly, mature, fearless having leadership and most of all human. We see more women who aren't anymore playing a submissive character, complementing Rajinikanth to perfection in his role. Even though Kaala's heart is prioritized by his wife, his heart still lingers astray when Zarina (played by Huma Qureshi) his ex-lover is around. But Kaala and Selvi(wife) are awesomely adorable together having great chemistry. Goes to show, chocolate boys and macho men arn't the only people who can manage to pull of some romance.

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As the interval approaches, we get a small dose of what marvel is yet to come ahead with a pill of a fight sequence over a Mumbai flyover. Kudo's to the tech, VFX and art teams!

A no-show of the much anticipated of Hero v/s Villain was killing our patience, but when Nana Patekar makes his appearance, agitation is quickly substituted with ecstatic excitement. Just like how you try to pull of the covers off the table keeping the glass utensils on the table. Post-interval the game just begins as Dada is a man on a mission to sign the land as his own. Ranjith gracefully brings out emotions from every heart. 

Even as he and his loved ones are in battle, Kaala and his people are suppressed and pressured continuously but Kaala proclaims that they can accalim of what is theirs only if they fight, fight with weapons and their body as their only weapons. Moments like these arn't just seen on movie screens. Women played symbolic roles when they were attacked by police and stripped off their clothes but these women JUST DON'T BUDGE! They fight back with lathi's. This scene and more like these will leave you in awe.


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Moreover the posters, teasers, video backdrops and even the twitter emoji is dominant with Black and red. The revolt, oppression and protest for what is right, is magnificent as every scene of it is tainted with black on the screen(not literally). Every strive made for revolution was also personified by red. Riots and social media were flooding with anger on the recent issues - news like this is of the world, its real. It the irony that plays big on the plot of the movie that real life and reel life is difficult to contrast after watching Kaala. The climax will leave you more than just satisfied. 

Just like what any other Rajinikanth fan hungers for, 360-degree camera movements, slow motion still walks and technical advances to propel goosebumps all over. Mass scenes to be accompanied by fans going nuts, and 100% brave-heart moments done by Rajini and cast, supplemented by Ranjith and team. One of Rajinikanth's powerful performances of recent times.

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