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Happy Birthday S Shankar

Published On: 17 August 2018 | Kollywood | By:

Happy Birthday S Shankar
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His films always boast of high budgets and A-list actors in it and the best part about his films is the surprise element added at every climax of his film. This filmmaker has been famous with the international audience too with his films.

On the occasion of his birthday, let's check out some of his best works which are remembered as a cult classic even now.

1. Gentleman: The director's first venture which revolved around a man who runs an eatery business in the day and a robin-hood at night by robbing the rich and famous of their wealth. The film provoked a lot of thoughts in most of the viewer's minds.


2. Indian: Kamal Hassan's iconic film which featured him in a dual role of a father and son in it. The film was the first in his vigilante series which depicted the importance of being part of the independence movement in India which is important even now.


3. Jeans: One of the most memorable films which had a lot of special effects and a pretty interesting storyline of two twins based in the US falling in love with the same woman who is then later cloned to be the twin for the sake of the other twin brother. The film was later selected for the Oscars.


4. Mudalvan: One of the most iconic films of Arjun Sarja's career which involved around a TV reporter given a job to handle the state for a day as the acting CM. The film also exposed the flaws of our country how it can be curbed. Owing to the success, the film was later remade in Hindi as Nayak which was a cult classic.


5. Anniyan: Vikram's iconic role of an innocent lawyer who suffers from the split personality and has two alter egos called Anniyan who kills people who don't follow the rules of the society and another Remo, a stylish alpha male who can woo any woman with his charm. Vikram won national award for his performance and the film was dubbed in French for the first time.


6. Enthiran: Rajinikanth's blockbuster which was high on budget and stunning on visuals was this film. The film revolved around a scientist who creates a robot which can understand human emotions and live with them. The robot ends up falling in love with his girlfriend, which prompts the scientist to destroy it and later discovered by his rival who manipulates it to wreck havoc in the society. The film won many accolades at the award functions.


7. Boys: The film was quite different from his previous ventures and it dealt with an undying friendship of a bunch of college boys who go on a rollercoaster ride ranging from career and education. The film is remembered by the youth.


8. I: Another collaboration with Vikram which was an eye grabber for most of the fans when they saw his heavy built body and his deformed state which was just enough to make the film a huge success.


The director is currently working on 2.0 and Indian 2 which will be releasing shortly in theatres.

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