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Aadai Movie: Hilarious prank played on the harassers who called on a phone number visible in the teaser.

Published On: 24 June 2019 | Kollywood | By:

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The teaser of the movie Aadai got a lot of attention due to its boldness and few men started shaming the actress by commenting on YouTube and called the ‘Amma’ phone number showed in the teaser.

Amala Paul’s Aadai teaser garnered praise for its boldness which got 7 million views. With praise came a lot of criticism and slut-shaming comments on YouTube due to Amala is shown semi-naked in the teaser.

These harassers and abusers didn’t leave even the number named ‘Amma’ flashed in the teaser. They called multiple times on the number.

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Sarithran, a Big FM RJ, decided to give these harassers a taste of their own medicine on his radio show Sarithiranin Narithanam.

A video on his Facebook page has a compilation of prank calls he pulled on these harassers, with most of them pleading to be let off the hook. The harassers were not just from Tamil Nadu or the Tamil speakers but also Telugu and Malayalam speaking audiences.

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“Please don’t make this public, if my family gets to know it’ll come to a problem,” says one caller while the other pins the blame on his 4-year-old kids, pretending to have not heard of Aadai at all. “My children were watching rhymes on YouTube. I don’t know who made the call,” he says when asked why he called the number. 

When confronted with a police complaint, all the harassers either apologized profusely, the shame in their voice evident, or cut the call and switched off their phones. When asked why he had called during odd hours, one caller, a junior advocate said, “I wanted to ask for Amala Paul’s number,” before apologizing once again and cutting the call abruptly. 

Check out the video:

Aadai Amala Paul Amma Prank

Sarithiran pranks the vicious callers who called to the phone number which was displayed in the Teaser of Tamil Movie #Aadai - #AmalaPaul Amma Prank | #SarithiraninNarithanam

Posted by Sarithiran on Sunday, June 23, 2019

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