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96 Movie Review: A Journey Of Self-Discovery Amidst First World Problems

Published On: 04 October 2018 | Kollywood | By:

96 Movie Review: A Journey Of Self-Discovery Amidst First World Problems
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96 is a coming-of-age film which stars Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles, the film has been well-known for its songs which are hummable. The film is produced by Nandagopal.

In this fast-paced life, many people tend to forget themselves on the run and turn into a person they don't want to be. But in some cases, there are moments which brings back the original you from the artificial version of yourself. 96 uses this as its core for its impeccable storyline.

The film revolves around Ram (Vijay Sethupathi) who is a travel photographer and roams in different places to get the best pictures. During his assignment in Thanjavur, he is unknowingly added in his school's WhatsApp group which is flooded with multiple messages which bring back his school memories.

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He eventually heads back to Chennai and his friends also meet up. They decide to have a reunion and old friends reconcile after 22 years. During this get-together, Janu (Trisha) makes a surprise visit and that ignites the romance between the protagonists. Janu is now married and settled in Singapore but gets nostalgic about her school days when she and Ram were in love during that time.

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The director C. Prem Kumar has infused the 90s elements in it, which gives a joyride to most of the youngsters who have not got a chance to relive the golden era. The best part of the film is the flashback which is well-directed and he has used a black-and-white filter to show the brewing romance between the protagonists during high school. The child actors have also done an exceptional job in playing the younger version of the lead actors. The story seems quite fresh and unique, it is the heart of the film which is not damaged with too much of over-the-top elements.

Iliyaraja's composition adds a fine touch to the film and it plays a very important role during the important sequences of the film. The soundtrack of the film is a must-keep for every music buff.

Trisha and Vijay Sethupathi have given the best performance of theirs till date and there is no doubt that this couple will be giving most of the younger generation relationship goals. Their acting seems natural and grounded, a lot of simplicity is used when it comes to having great chemistry between them.

Despite the long duration, this one never bores you and you will come out of the theatre with a smile once it ends.

Overall, this film is a must-watch for everyone!

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