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Mass Revenge Drama with a Emotional Ghost Backdrop, banking upon this successful Formula, Muni franchise is back again with 'Kanchana 3'

Published On: 15 April 2019 | Kollywood | By:

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Raghava Lawrence's Muni 4 / Kanchana 3 is releasing this week! Much Alike the previous movies in this franchise, As far as the trailer is concerned 'Kanchana 3' appears to have all ingredients that made its predecessors Super-Hit, Unless the interests of the audience have changed now.

A Protagonist (Muni) who is dead scared of Ghosts is haunted.  But the Ghost was treasonously murdered and is now seeking revenge through the body of Protagonist and also there is a love interest. Added a new backstory to the ghost and a new Movie in Muni franchise is ready. 

But what makes the franchise so successful to be worthy of a 4th franchise is the compelling backstory written for the ghost. You get to watch two movies at the cost of one, The Mass aspect of the Ghost Character and Comedy life of Muni.

Kanchana 3 is co-produced, written and directed by Raghava Lawrence, starring himself, Oviya and Vedhika in the leading roles. Movie's music was produced by Doopaadooand distributed by Divo Music on behalf of Sun TV. Produced by Sun Pictures, the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series, the film is set to release on on 19 April 2019.

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