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Varathan Movie Review: Class StoryTelling, Do not miss this movie

Published On: 04 October 2018 | Mollywood | By:

Varathan Movie Review: Class StoryTelling, Do not miss this movie
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The first bullseye Amal Neerad hit was starring Fahadh Faasil for the role of hero for Varathan that hit the theatre on 21st September.

The story begins in the suburbs of Dubai where Aby works in a company and lives with his wife, Priya. On a sudden hit of crisis, Aby is left off from his Job. In those scenes, Fahadh strikes a glamorous pose along with Jinu Joseph as George.

As the wife Priya moves to live in a new village, unfamiliar and an air new to their lungs. It is with great stress and ambiguity that the couple move into their new household around new and somewhat strange vibed people. For sure it is only with a certain degree of difficulty a new couple can gel with the new surroundings and neighbours.

It's always a delight to see Fahadh have his signature stamp in every one of his movies, but more special whenever he’s with the man Amal Neerad. When they both hit the same notes, the movie is going to click. Just like in the movie ‘Maheshinte Prathikaram’, we see almost the same person but more swanky in terms of dealing with the situation and surrounding.

There’s another point of contrast when the morals of the rural clash with that of the Varathan(Aby and Priya). Their nadan malayali counterparts have gossip to accompany the gestures and body language of the couple. As Aby and Priya have a mindset that from abroad it doesn't instantly click to their minds about their actions stirred up attention.

Varathan Movie Poster

All the more, Priya stands as a completely independent and mature character. More like a pillar of support and wisdom to Aby. Aishwarya Lakshmi delivers a great performance to match the character Amal Neerad sought out for. As they are varathan’s to the village they get unusual stares. Stares which completely make the viewers too in a level of discomfort. 

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Whereas on the forefront we have Abin(A.K.A Aby) who is a calm and composed character, who’s merciful even to the smallest cockroach. A man who’s dedicated to his work, even after losing his job for which they had to travel from Dubai. But as time and the story elapses, we see Abin transform as the crunch of the action scene’s come through.

Here’s a crunch of what you are missing out if you still haven’t watched the movie.

A special standing ovation to Amal Neerad and his team of technicians who orchestrated and gave a masterclass of a whiff into making some edge of the seat and heart crunching and power packed action scene’s. 

Amal Neerad targeted a very sensitive and vital moral to the film about a woman and her stalkers. The movie and director is getting good praise and reviews right from the audience leaving the theatre as the movie ends.

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