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Theevandi Movie Review: A Funny Way Of Conveying No Smoking

Published On: 07 September 2018 | Mollywood | By:

Theevandi Movie Review: A Funny Way Of Conveying No Smoking

Theevandi is a comedy film starring Tovino Thomas and Saiju Kurup in pivotal roles, the film releases today at a theatre near you.

There are billions of people in the world who are addicted to smoking and some of them continue to pursue this habit and then end up getting killed after realizing their mistake. Theevandi explores this issue in a really innovative and a fun manner for the audience.

The film revolves around a protagonist called Bineesh Damodaran who is addicted to smoking right from the time of birth and he is relentlessly doing it continuously. When he reaches the breaking point of his life he decides to give up smoking for the betterment of his family.

Director has done a great job in bringing a really important issue into light when it comes to removing the dirty habit of smoking from the individuals. Most of us are used to seeing a lot of people at every tea shop with chai in one hand and sutta aka cigarette in their hand. The chai-sutta culture has been going on for many days and this one explores the ill-effects of that culture.

Apart from addressing about smoking, it even showed the desperation of a person who has an undying urge of smoking and where all he hides it ranging from toilets to fire escapes or the verandah where a person can easily stump the cigarette butt after smoking.

This one will not just help you in removing the addiction of smoking but it will be even helpful in removing other addictions like alcoholism, workaholism and many others which damage your life.


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