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Oru Kuttanadan Blog Movie Review - Depiction of the gossip of Malayalees in a small town

Published On: 21 September 2018 | Mollywood | By:

Oru Kuttanadan Blog Movie Review - Depiction of the gossip of Malayalees in a small town

As the title suggests, the story goes in the right direction with the title. Oru Kuttanadan blog as we can put from the movie’s story is the stories or topics the towners talk about in the suburbs of Kuttanad. This Mamooty starrer is a genuine family movie, not much of an entertainer but more of a heart pleaser.

The movie isn’t much without the power of the name of its lead actor, Mamooty. In the same context the story also progresses the same. Mamooty plays as an entrepreneur from the gulf who comes back to his hometown of Krishnapuram, Kuttanad.

Just as the movie progress, we see the villagers are very intuit about the movements, conversations and actions of Hari. Especially since he’s from the gulf, he attracts many females of the village. These villagers make a good news out of his meetings with him and his girls.

The men of the village, especially the older ones need Hari just for the influence of his background i.e being from the Gulf, because he’s got the greens(cash). While the youngings go gaga over Hari because of his ‘inspiring’ ways. 

Instances came many times which had very rhetorical dialogues. One of them being, there was a talk of an incident where a girl was cheated on by, the comments that flowed were “You can’t call her by her name now, you have to call her Ira(victim)”.

The traces come from the incident that happened where an actor was accused of the rape of an actress where she was called ‘Ira’.

Hari is always or most dominantly surrounded by his gang of young buddies who look up to him and also by his trio of admirers Anu Sithara, Raai Laxshmi and Shamna Kasim. These three have showed out in the movie even in their small roles, especially Shamna Kasim who plays the role of Neena Kurup who is a police officer.

As the age of Mamooty is tried to be made look younger maybe, a mid 40. We see a rigid and self-reluctant Mamooty who’s a little edgy with his body-language. Some people might find it absurd to why Mamooty with all his achievements and milestones and the mileage he brings with his performance takes up movies like this.

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Some other things that stood out were that it brought out to us how brought nostalgia. This movie is something to which a Malayalee coming from abroad can relate to. The happenings that take place around him, the way people treat them and the actions and reactions that occur due to the occupation they have and the lifestyle they bring back after coming from abroad.

Overall, the movie Oru Kuttanadan Blog is a one-time watch. There’s a lot of things that could have been done much better. The music had a resonance, but that didn’t work out after the opening song. The support system, the crew and supporting actors had mediocre jobs and was satisfactory.


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