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Neerali Movie Review: One Of The Best Thrillers From Malayalam Film Industry

Published On: 13 July 2018 | Mollywood | By:

Neerali Movie Review: One Of The Best Thrillers From Malayalam Film Industry

Neerali is the most awaited film of Mohanlal which stars Nadhiya and Parvati Nair in the lead role. The film releases today and it is considered to be Mohanlal's best till date.

Neerali begins with an accident which takes place near the hilly section of a highway. The car consists of Dr. Sunny (Mohanlal) in the driver seat and his partner Palani (Suraj Venjaramoodu) who are in the death trap gets the fans beating their hearts thinking about what is going to happen next?

To get our moods lightened up, the film then goes to flashback when the film introduces the character of Mohanlal who is a gemologist based in Bangalore, who is loved by everyone because of his charming personality. Apart from being a charmer, he is also a playboy who is fond of hitting on his colleagues one of them is Naina (Parvathi Nair) who clings onto him like an octopus. Apart from flirting with other women, he loves his wife Mollykutty (Nadhiya) who is not given good screen presence.

The survival portion of this film reminds of a 2006 film World Trade Center where Nicholas Cage and Michael Pena play the role of Port Authority Officers of New York who get trapped during the twin towers collapse for hours and both the officers talk to each other about their family backgrounds in order to survive.

Despite all the dangers, the group encounters during the survival gives us the scares and also some unpredictable moments about what is going to happen next?

The film is a must-watch, especially if there are any of the Mohanlal fans in the city who want to see the legendary actor play more such roles in the future. 


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